2 Days Kyoto Suggested Itinerary [HIGHLIGHT]

This is the basic itinerary for sightseeing Kyoto. There are many temples and shrines in Kyoto. This is useful for especially first-timer to Japan. We pick up “must see” place!


10:00 am : Fushimi Inari Shrine

You could see thousands of Torii gates in Fushimi Inari Shrine.
That’s one of the most photogenic spot in Kyoto! Let’s count how many gates they have!

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11:30 am : Kiyomizu temple

Kiyomizudera is one of the most famous temple and sightseeing spot in Kyoto and Japan! In front of temple, there are areas called Sannen zaka and Ninen zaka that remains traditional atmosphere. You could try Udon as your lunch!!

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1:00 pm Around Yasaka shrine area 


Around Yasaka shrine, there is very beautiful places are there.
For example, Ishibei Koji street, Tower of Yasaka, Kodaiji temple.

In this area, it’s less tourists than Kiyomizu temple.
So you could feel the atmosphere of traditional Kyoto.

3:00 pm Ginkakuji temple and Tetsugaku no michi

How about visiting Ginkakuji temple. It’s very simple and has Zen atmosphere. And gardens are also beautiful!! After Ginkakuji temple, you could have relax time to walk through Tetsugaku no michi.

5:00 pm Gion area walking

Gion area is very famous spot of Maiko and Geiko because there are many Tea houses where Maiko and Geiko do performance! If you are very lucky, you could see Maiko goes in to Tea house. If you definitely want to see, you could see the performance in Gion corner.

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7:00 pm Dinner at Pontocho

Kyoto has unique food like Yuba, Kaiseki, Hamo…
Please feel the difference between Tokyo and Kyoto.
In Pontocho, there are many restaurants in beautiful atmosphere!!
You can enjoy Japanese food and night!

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9:00 am Kinkakuji temple

Maybe you have seen the picture of golden temple, Kinkakuji temple. That is one of the most famous spot in Kyoto. It’s very busy, but worth to see it. In the day of snow or autumn leaves, it might be very busy. Even for Japanese people, must take picture!!

10:00 am Ryoanji temple

Ryoanji is very famous for the Zen garden from 15th century. In the garden, there are 15 rocks, but you could find only 14 rocks from everywhere. We are not perfect it may indicate.

1:00 pm Togetsukyo bridge


Then we move to Arashiyama area. There is a very famous bridge called Togetsukyo bridge. That bridge with Oigawa river is very beautiful! It’s also photogenic spot in Kyoto!

*If you like cruise the river, there is an activity of Hozu river cruise.
*Near Arashiyama, there is monkey park. You could see more than 100 monkeys!!

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2:00 pm Tenryuji garden

In Tenryuji garden, there is Zen garden also. This one is Unesco world heritage and Japanese first national important property!! You could have meditation while seeing beautiful garden!

3:00 pm Bamboo grove

Bamboo grove is also very famous spots in Kyoto. Have you seen the photos of bamboo? We could see thousands of bamboos!! That’s fantastic! Inside of bamboo grove, we feel a bit cooler than outside. Please have a relax time!!

After walking, go back to Kyoto station by JR.

If you have a local guide on this route, that would make your days more enjoyable.

Since we have knowledgeable local guides, if you have an interest in our tour (Kyoto 2-Day Highlights Private walking tour Combo Package), let’s check it.

Have a wonderful time in Kyoto!!


Japan Wonder Travel is happy to help your trip in Japan!!

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