A lot of guests joined Sunamachi local delicatessen street tour in May #001

Sunamachi Ginza is local shopping street.  In Japan, the number of local shopping streets is decreasing.  Instead, there are a lot of huge shopping malls and many people prefer to go there.  However, Sunamachi is still active.  Why?  The secret is kindness of workers in Sunamachi.  I hope you could feel their hospitality. Thank you very much for joining us!

5/6 Guests from USA

Tuna cutlet & Japanese tea

5/12 Guests from Indonesia & AUS

Tempura & Sake

5/14 Guests from USA

Yakitori & Japanese tea

5/19 Guest from USA

Oden & Japanese tea

5/24 Guest from USA

Tempura & Japanese tea

Thank you very much for coming!! We hope your coming back to Tokyo!

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