Eating at Sendai all the time

 To be honest, you can probably see everything in a day or two, depending on when you go. With JR pass, Sendai is a good choice to stay one day but not overnight. Although there aren’t a lot of things to do or see in Sendai, I went there because I love to eat Grilled Beef Tongue. There is the place where full of charming food.



1. Gyutan

      Gyutan (beef tongue) are their specialty. If you’ve never tried it before, your first question will probably be “What does gyutan taste like?” Well~it is really attractive taste. (I promise it:D) And it is worth to visit Sendai just to taste its most distinctive cuisine. I was satisfied by Negishi(ねぎし)where has 33 restaurants located within Tokyo and serve beef tongue, grated yam and barley rice. After I went to Sendai, I knew that the taste is totally different. Not just the taste of sauce with beef. It is lightly salted grilled beef tongue with juicy flavor inside every bite.        Basically, Sendai is full of Gyutan restaurants. There are two famous chain restaurants Rikyu (利久) and Kisuke (喜助).When I was hungry, I saw Rikyu and went into it. I really recommend you to order extreme one(牛たん【極】定食) This is the best Gyutan that I’ve ever had. A lightly salted grilled beef tongue , with juicy flavors inside every bite. I really love the springy texture of the Gyutan.

2. Zunda

        There is also famous for it’s Zunda and Sasa kamaboko. I assumed Zunda used to dress rice cakes or dumplings.  However,  in Sendai station, I found Zunda Saryo ,where is a  specialty sweets shop of  Zunda.  Zunda shake  and Zunda Pudding are available to take out. Besides, you can enjoy Zunda sweet set inside  Zunda’s CAFÉ.

I bought a zunda shake to take out. Zunda shake SHOCKED me a lot.



It is still Zunda’s flavor but it is subtly added to shake to delicious effect. Next time, I will go into Zunda’s CAFÉ. To taste Zunda Mochi or Zunda Rollcake.

There is product introduction.


I guesses Sendai’s people wants to add everything Zunda flavoured. When I went to Matsushima , A big chain bread shop has it’s limited menu only in Matsushima store. That is Zunda Melon bread and Oyster Curry Bread.
I tasted Zunda Melon bread. Melon bread is made  enriched dough covered in a thin layer of crisp cookie dough. It stuffed Zunda cream.


Looks it’s green stuff.                


3. Sasa kamaboko


Sasa kamaboko (steamed fish paste) is made by grinding up the white meat of fish, kneading it with salt, sugar and starch and then steaming or roasting. You can try to roast your own Sasa kamaboko just cost 210yen. Hot one is best! It is also full of taste of fish.



The time to enjoy

Half a day (if you can eat without resting XD)


1. Rikyu Gyutan

A set of Gyutan with ox tail soup and barely rice is only cost no more than 2000 yen
Sendai, Aoba-ku, Chūō, 1 Chome−6

2. Zunda Saryo
Zunda shake 288 yen
Sendai-shi, Aoba-ku, Chūō, 1 Chome−1

3.ABE kamaboko
Make you own Sasa kamaboko 210yen
(1)2 Chome-3-18 ChuoAoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi
(2)Matsushima-machi, Miyagi-gun, Miyagi-ken 981-0213

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