Lots of guests joined Asakusa tour in February and March #001

Lots of Guest joined our night time FooDrink Tour in Asakusa! Drinking and eating makes us happy!
Thank you very much for choosing our tour!

2/1 Guests from USA

Sake & Monjayaki

2/6 Guest from USA

Izakaya & Monjayaki

2/12 Guests from USA

Sake & Izakaya

2/13 Guests from USA & AUS

Skytree & Thunder gate

2/26 Guest

Sake & Monjayaki

3/14 Guests from USA

Sake & Yakisoba

3/25 Guests from Canada

Sake & Izakaya

3/28 Guests

Sake & Izakaya

Thank you very much for coming!! We hope your coming back to Tokyo!

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