Lots of guests joined Kyoto FooDrink Tour in November! #001

In first half of November we had a lot of guests.
This is the best season to see the autumn foliage in Kyoto.
We walked around Nishiki market and Gion area. Or Arashiyama and Sagano area.
Both tour was so fantastic because of you!!!

Autumn in Japan is the big harvest season of the year.
We are looking forward to getting new rice for this season every year.
In Nishiki market we ate a new rice ball “Onigiri”.
Did you enjoy it ??

11/1 Tasty small octopus

Making bean powder

11/1 Yuba Sashimi shop

Shirakawa street

11/4 with Kids excursion

Arashiyama view point

11/4 At Nishiki Onsen

silent river with red leaf

11/5 Fresh Sake "Kanpai"

Nishiki shrine

11/7 Tofu skin shop

Shinto shrine at Nishiki

11/09 Arashiyama Bamboo

Sagano sweets shop

11/11 Nishiki rice ball party

"Kanpai" with all

11/14 with local wedding

Japanese sweets shop

11/14 Arashiyama Yuba shop

Beautiful autumn leaves

Thank you very much for joining our tour!
We have four seasons.
We wish you all the best and hope to see you again on another season in Kyoto!

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