Lots of guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in February #001

There are many cold days in February in Japan. But many guests still come to our food tour!! Thank you very much!

[Tsukiji tips]
Seasonal fish in February was Angler fish, sea bream, frounder, puffer fish, etc.
We have seen many those fishes in the market. Especially there are a lot of Angler fishes. We eat in hot pot with inside of Angler. That makes us warm!! Delicious.

2/1 Guests from Canada

Inner market & Japanese tea

2/1 Guests from USA & Denmark

Inner market & Sake

2/4 Guests from USA

Fresh oyster & Sushi

2/5 Guests from USA

Japanese omelet & Sake

2/6 Guests from USA & Hong Kong

Japanese tea & Sushi

2/8 Guests from USA

Inner market & Fish cake

2/8 Guests from Philippines

Inner market & Rooftop

2/8 Guests from USA

Frozen tuna & Sake

2/9 Guests from USA

Fresh tuna & Shinto shrine

2/10 Guests from USA

Rooftop & Sake

2/10 Guests from AUS and Canada

Japanese tea & fish cake

We enjoyed our time together!
Thank you very much and see you in near future!!

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