Many guests join Tsukiji fish market food tour in May #001

This May, we had many nice guests in Tsukiji fish market.

In Tsukiji, there’s huge king crab!! They’re huge like 1m with the legs.
Many Michelin stars restaurant’s chef comes and buy that.
Tsukiji has always top quality!!
2015-05-14 09.44.37

In the market, we can learn many interesting Japanese culture with guide.
Namiyoke shrine

And we can also meet other nice tourists!
Inner market
Huge inner market!
Inner market
That was a good weather day!!
Inner market

Our tour is not only see around, but also taste foods!!
Japanese omelet.
Japanese omelet
Fried fish cake.
Fried fish cake
f you want, you can try seaweed jelly.
Fried fish cake

Japanese tea with tea masters!
Japanese tea
Japanese tea
Japanese tea
Kanpai with Sake.

If you want, you can add beer with special sushi!!(It’s extra)
And we also offer you Hamarikyu gardens tour after the market!! You can taste special Macha there.
Why not join us!
We’re waiting for you!!

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