Many guests join Tsukiji fish market food tour in May #002

In the middle of May, we also have many guests to Tsukiji fish market.

<Tsukiji tips>
Do you know how to say “cheers” in Japanese?
We say “Kanpai”!!
It literally means “drink whole the cup”, but you don’t need to do that.
Drinking sake makes us happy!
Kanpai with sake
These are the pictures of our tour.
In the market, there are thousands of small shops.
Inner market
If you love fish, it’s paradise!!
Inner market1
Perfect day!!
Inner market
Japanese omelet! Sweet!!
Japanese omelet
Delicious! Oishi!!
Japanese omelet
Top quality melons are there!!
Melon auction
Japanese tea, Sencha! It contains much Catechin and good for your health.
Japanese tea
Japanese tea
Fried fish cake. It contains much nutrition!!
Fried fish cake
Also we can try the best oyster and sushi!!
Thank you for coming!!

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