Many guests joined Kyoto FooDrink Tour in July !

Thank you for all of our guests, we could handle a lot of Kyoto FooDrink Tour in July.
Did you enjoy Kyoto? How was the food and place?

Now Kyoto is hot and humid. But it’s good time for fireworks.
I hope you can see it this time or next time!!

7/6 Arashiyama Tour

Fried yuba&Horin temple

7/18 Arashiyama Tour

Togetsu bridge&Tenryuji temple

7/21 Nishiki & Gion Tour


7/22 Arashiyama Tour

Leek pancake&Green tea

7/22 Nishiki Tour

Yuba sashimi&Maccha tea

Thank you very much for your joining us!!
Next time, let’s see fireworks and drink beer!!

We hope to see you again.

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