Many guests joined Kyoto FooDrink Tour in June!

Many guests joined our Kyoto FooDrink Tour!
We enjoy food and the atmosphere in Kyoto. This is Japan!!

<Kyoto tips>
Have you tried Yuba?
Yuba is typical Japanese food especially in Kyoto. Yuba is called Tofu skin and make it by boiling soy milk and getting the top layer. It’s healthy!!
You could understand why Japanese people are so skinny!

6/1 Guests to Arashiyama

Bamboo grove & Zen garden

6/12 Arashiyama course

Bamboo grove & Moss temple

6/13 Arashiyama course

Zen garden & Fried Yuba

6/13 Nishiki course

Fried fish cake & Matcha making

6/14 Arashiyama course

Hydrangea & Moss temple

6/16 Nishiki course

Fried fish cake & Matcha making

6/20 Nishiki course

Rice ball & Mochi

We hope you could enjoy Kyoto food!!

Hope to see you again!

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