Many guests joined Sunamachi delicatessen street food tour in October #001

Many wonderful guests joined our Sunamachi local food tour.
Workers in that area are really glad that you come!

[Sunamachi tips]
Do you know what’s the secret of Oden(Japanese hotpot)?
1. The soup is special.
They use fish broth made from dried bonito and kelp. The soup is called “Dashi” in Japanese. “Dashi” is basement for every Japanese food.
2. Ingredients
Inside of the hotpot, we put mainly fish cake and vegetables. Boiled more than 2 hours makes the ingredients super delicious!!

Especially it’s popular in cold winter. Please try special one!

10/1 Guests from Australia & Israel

Tempura & Oden

10/2 Guest from United States

Tempura & Minced cutlet

10/3 Guests from United States

Inari sushi & Japanese tea

10/6 Guests from Australia & United States

Local street & Yakitori

10/8 Guests from United States

Minced cutlet & Japanese tea

10/9 United Kingdom & United States

Yakitori & Minced cutlet

10/10 Guests from United States

Inari sushi & Yakitori

10/15 Guests from United States

Tempura & Japanese tea making

Thank you for your joining our tour!!
We are waiting for your coming back!

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