Many guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in August #002

Many guests joined our tour in August!!
Thank you for choosing us.

<Tsukiji tips>
Do you know Octopus? We call “Taco”.
They have 8 legs. When they feel stress, they eat their own legs…
So sad.

8/11 Guests from Belgium & Norway

Fresh oyster & Sake

8/12 Guests from United States & Germany

Inner market & Japanese omelet

8/13 Guests from United States & Canada

Shinto shrine & Sake

8/17 Guests from Swiss & United States

Fried fish cake & Matcha

8/17 Guests from United States

Rooftop & Sushi

8/19 Guests from United States

Fried fish cake & Sake

We are really glad that we could walk with you!
Thank you for joining us!!

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