Many guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in July #003

The end of July many wonderful guests join to our food tour!.

<Tsukiji tips>
Do you know how to eat sushi?
The way to eat sushi is…
1. You could use fingers or chopsticks.
2. Turn around and tip soy sauce to Sashimi part(top of sushi).
3. Eat one bite and enjoy!! Ginger is for refreshing your mouth. It is eaten between sushis.

7/21 Guests from Australia, Singapore, USA

Inner market & Fresh oyster

Guests from United States & Singapore

Fried fish cake & Rooftop

7/22 Guests from Australia, Philippines, Netherlands

Shinto shrine & Sake

7/24 Guests from United States & Canada

Inner market & Sake

7/24 Guests from United States

Japanese omelet & Sushi

7/25 Guests from Sweden & United States

Shinto shrine & Inner market

7/27 Guests from Taiwan, Belgium, United States

Sake & Sushi

7/27 Guests from United Kingdom.

Inner market & Fried fish cake

7/27 Guests from France & Czech

Inner market & Sushi

7/30 Guests from United States

Melon auction & Sunfish

7/30 Guests from Australia

Japanese omelet & Sake

7/30 Guests from United States & Australia

Japanese omelet & Inner market


Thank you for your joining us!
We’re very happy to walk with you!!

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