Many guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in June #001

On June, we’ve had really nice guests!
We can’t forget every tour! Thank you!!

<Tsukiji Tips>

In the market, you can see strange watermelon!
It’s so special and expensive!!

In the tour,

Sometimes we stop and chat with workers in the market.
Inner market

And many kinds of food are included!!
Japanese omelet.
Japanese omelet

It’s like snack.
Japanese omelet

Fresh oyster! Huge and Tasty!!
Then, fried fish cake. Much protein and calcium!
Fried fish cake
In cold winter, we eat that in hotpot called Oden.
Fried fish cake

We drop by two shrines.
Shinto shrine

And have a teatime.
Japanese tea

Then, taste Sake!

At last we go to hidden sushi place!

Delicious foods are waiting for you!!


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