Many guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in September #001

In September we had many wonderful guests to our tour!
Thank you for your coming!!

<Tsukiji tips>
Do you know there is a brewery in central Tokyo?
Pure water is needed to make good Sake.
You could try that Sake in our tour with special wooden(cider) box.
The taste is awesome!!

9/1 Guests from Norway

Fried fish cake & Rooftop

9/1 Guests from Canada

Japanese omelet & tea

9/3 Guests from United States

Melon auction & Sake

9/4 Guests from Australia & United States

Inner market & Sushi

9/4 Guests from United States

Fresh oyster & Sake

9/5 Guests from Canada & United States

Shinto shrine & Fried fish cake

9/5 Guests from Australia & United States

Japanese omelet & Sushi

9/5 Guests from United States

Inner market & Japanese omelet

9/7 Guests from Australia

Sake & Sushi

9/7 Guests from United States

Rooftop & Fresh oyster

9/8 Guests from Australia & NZ

Rooftop & Sake

9/8 Guests from United States

Sake & Sushi

9/10 Guests from United States

Inner market & Sushi

9/10 Guests from Canada

Fried fish cake & Sake

Thank you for your joining us.
We’re looking forward to your coming back!!

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