One-stop Japanese Culture Experience. 5 activities in half a day !

Visit a Japanese home.

  • An estimated five hour Japanese cultural session in the comfort of a local home in Tokyo opens your heart and appetite and grasps the techniques behind cooking popular Japanese cuisine like sushi rolls.
  • Savor the ambrosial flavors of a piping home-cooked meal which includes the choice of dishes like Tempura, Gyoza, Okonomiyaki, Sushirolls, Sukiyaki.
  • Just how good are you at arts and crafts? Get your hands moving with a Japanese origami folding session and discover the versatility of Furoshiki ,wrapping cloth.
  • Go back in time and experience the strokes behind authentic calligraphy writing.
  • Learn the trick behind whisking a good bowl of macha green tea and taste specially selected Wagashi, a well loved Japanese confectionery.


Meetup at Shin-nakano station and shopping at a Japanese confectionery store (10:00 AM~)
We meetup at Shin-nakano station. Located only 7minutes from Shinjuku station by Tokyo Metro!!
You will go shopping at a Japanese confectionery store selecting the perfect dessert to match with your Japanese green tea. (*In case Japanese confectionary store where we buy wagashi is closed, we will prepare it for you on our own.)


Origami Experience (Approx. 10:30 ~)
Learn the traditional folding art of origami (make a samurai hat, a ninja star, a crane, and handy boxes, all using a simple piece of Japanese origami).

Furoshiki Experience (Approx. 11:15 ~)
Learn Furoshiki an every day practice of cloth wrapping of about anything!

Japanese cooking Experience and Lunch (Approx. 12:00 ~)
Learn the techniques used in Japanese cooking i and savour the flavours of a traditional Japanese dish, of your choice!(Choose from Tempura,Sushiroll,Gyoza,Okonomiyaki, or Sukiyaki* +1,000JPY/adult)
Try to drink a cup of Japanese SAKE /SHOCHU if you want.

Calligraphy Experience (Approx. 13:00 ~)
You will learn the art of Shodo (traditional writing of Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana with an authentic calligraphy-brush).You can get your work as a gift after you write your favorite letter on a fancy paper!

Matcha making Experience (Approx. 14:00 ~)
Finish off with a Matcha tea party with your specially selected Wagashi (Japanese confectionery).


10:00 Meetup at Shin-nakano station
10:30 Origami Experience
11:15 Furoshiki Experience
12:00 Cooking and Lunch
13:30 Calligraphy Experience
14:30 Matcha making Experience


13,500 JPY / 2 ~4 adults
9,500 JPY / Children under 12yrs with parents
*Children under 6yrs with parents are free of charge

* We are not responsible for any accidents during our programs.
* You can choose 1 main menu item below for lunch in advance.
* Please let us know in advance if you have an allergy
* We ask groups of 2 or more to select the same dish.
* Side dishes will be arranged by us.

You can choose 1 menu item below for lunch in advance.
Side dishes will be arranged by us.
* We ask groups of 2 or more to select the same dish.

  1. Tempura deep fry + Rice/thin noodles + side dishes
  2. Sukiyaki (hotpot of meat and vegetables) *+1,000JPY/person
  3. Sushi roll +Miso soup + side dishes
  4. Gyoza (baked dumplings with minced pork and vegetables) + Rice + side dishes
  5. Okonomiyaki (Japanese style pancakes) + Yakisoba (fried noodles) + side dishes

Price includes also,

  • Handout of this program includes cooking recipe
  • A Japanese confection and a cup of matcha for teatime
  • A sheet of fancy paper for calligraphy
  • Small origami paper pack
  • A 27inch×27inch sized furoshiki

Please bring these items back as a souvenir !

Availability :
Start from 10am for 4.5~5.5 hours on weekdays
SAT,SUN,HOL: please contact us

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