[Recommend] Best Sushi Restaurant in TOKYO

In Tokyo, there are so many good restaurants.
So it is difficult to choose one from them.

Now we introduce Sushi restaurant we really love.

#01. Kyubey [Luxury] @Ginza / Akasaka

[Dinner] Over 20,000 JPY
[Lunch] 8,000-10,000 JPY


#02. Sushi Garyu [Luxury] @Yotsuya

[Dinner] 15,000-20,000 JPY



https://plus.google.com/114315486650438221732/about?gl=jp&hl=ja (Only Japanese.)

#03. Sushi Rosan [Luxury] @Shinjuku

[Dinner] 10,000-15,000 JPY
[Lunch] 5,000-15,000 JPY

#04. Hinazushi [all you can eat]@Ginza

5,000-8,000 JPY

#05. Midori [Middle] @Shibuya / Ginza / Umegaoka etc.

3,000-5,000 JPY


#06. Kaisho-zushi [MIDDLE] @Shimousa-nakayama

Located at east of Tokyo. It’s cheap and good.
So you can eat a lot without worrying about the money.

2,000-3,000 JPY

#07. Uobei [Entertainment] @Shibuya

Under 2,000 JPY


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