Report for exploreing new fish market Toyosu to open 11th Oct. 2018

One of the biggest fish market Tsukiji is only 1 month left.
If I say it exactly, Tsukiji inner market will move to next place Toyosu next October.
(Tsukiji outer market where we could enjoy fresh food will remain there after the relocation of inner market.)

It means new market TOYOSU will open.

Several month ago I visited TOYOSU market for the event for residents.

Toyosu market is near from SHIJO-MAE station of Yurikamome line.
It’s not easy to access from center of Tokyo.


There is pedestrian deck to new market.


Here is not yet open.
But we could explore inside this time.


Toyosu market is 70% bigger than Tsukiji market.
Tsukiji is really big, but Toyosu is really huge!


On the day, we needed to wear shoes cover to explore inside.


There are lots of restaurant in Tsukiji.
The restaurants in outer market will remain there but those in inner market will need to move here.


It means Sushi DAI one of the most famous sushi restaurant in Japan will also move to Toyosu.


At first we visited Fish Wholesale Market Observation Gallery.


We walked long corridor.


Fish wholesale market is a five-storied building.

They told us tuna auction will be held at the ground floor.


There is observation deck in Toyosu which is not in Tsukiji.

We could enjoy exciting and chaotic atmosphere in Tsukiji by walking between wholesales.
It’s the most interesting thing.
But we seem that we couldn’t feel at Toyosu.


Less presence.


There is a old photo of Tsukiji. “TSUKIJI” is really famous and it’s big brand.
I recommend Tokyo Metropolitan Government should name this market new-Tsukiji, not Toyosu.


There is a board of hand sign which are used by buyer at the auction.
It’s original gesture.


There are some explanations but almost in Japanese…


It’s clean but not interesting.


There is the space for visitors at the grand floor.
Here is better than 2nd floor.


This is the image of the tuna auction in new market.


On the day we specially go to the wholesale space.




I really would like to come here after Toyosu market open.



Next building is also fish wholesale market.
Two building is connected by the underground road.


Here is the wholesale section.


Here is also huge!
This is the lane for turret (vehicle for market).


This is the lane for people.


We image how many cars go around here after relocation.


The roof top is very nice.
You could see center of Tokyo on the grass.


You can also find rainbow bridge.


I’d like to eat fresh seafood here! (I don’t know I can or not.)


Next we head to vegetable and fruit market.


This bridge is bound for Tsukiji.


In front of Shijo-mae station, there is a building for vegetable and fruits market.

Between station and vegetable and fruits market,
the commercial building will be constructed until 2023.


Vegetable and fruits market is a three-storied building.
Maybe visitor can enter only specific limited area same as fish market.


It’s clean.


But less presence.


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government prepared the place for sightseeing where is separated from wholesale place.
BUT visitors want to go to wholesale section and feel energetic atmosphere.

On that point, Tsukiji is more interesting than Toyosu.

But nobody knows the real Toyosu.

I’m looking forward to seeing new market Toyosu and I will enjoy exploring Tsukiji outer market after the relocation.


After Toyosu market open, I will report again.
See you.

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