The best 7 places to enjoy Tea ceremony and Matcha in Tokyo!

Have you heard of Tea ceremony or “Sado”?
“Sado” means the way to enjoy/appreciate tea. In Sado practice, we do Tea ceremony.
In Tea Ceremony, we use Matcha tea which becomes as very popular sweets. But Matcha itself is bitter, not sweet.

The world of tea is deep and mysterious. Let’s enjoy Matcha in Tokyo.

We introduce 10 places about Matcha. Please choose based on what you want to experience.
1 : Tea Ceremony (you could choose “do ceremony by yourself” or “watch ceremony”)
2 : Tea Ceremony (only do)
3 : Tea Ceremony (only watch)
4 : Only drink Matcha

We introduce each places as follows. If you have any question, please let us know from here.

1.Tea Ceremony (could choose Do or Watch)

Japanese style sado

a. Happoen (Mejiro area)

Happoen is very famous for their beautiful garden. In that garden, there is a tea house and could try tea ceremony.

Duration : 30-60 min.
Plan :
-See traditional tea ceremony 8,640 yen per person(only for weekday, minimum 2 people)
-Do casual tea ceremony 2,160 yen per person
-Drink Matcha and eat sweets 1,080 yen per person
Website :
*Advance reservation is required.

b. Shizu-Kokoro (Asakusa area)

It takes 5 min from the center of Asakusa. There is beautiful tea room. You could do both watching and doing Tea ceremony.

Duration : 90 min
Plan : Watch and do tea ceremony 4,000 yen per person
Website :
*Advance reservation is required.

2. Tea ceremony (only Do)


a. Jugetsudo (Ginza area)

At the 5th floor of Kabuki theater building, Jugetsudo is located with beautiful small garden.
You could learn how to make Matcha! Additionally you could get Matcha making set as your souvenir, too!!

Duration : 60 min (10:30-, 12:00-, 13:30-, 16:30-, 18:00-)
Plan :
-Learning the way to make Matcha 6,000 yen per person (including Matcha making set *4,270 yen)
Website :
*Advance reservation is required.

3. Tea ceremony (only watch)

a. Toko-an (Imperial hotel, Hibiya)

You could see beautiful tea ceremony at traditional tea house in Imperial Hotel.

Duration : 30 min
Plan :
-See traditional tea ceremony 2,000 yen per person
Website :
*Advance reservation is required.

b. HiSUi Tokyo (Ginza area)

At the very center of Ginza area, there is oasis tea house! You could relax and learn about real tea and other experiences such as Kimono, calligraphy and Samurai sword.

Duration : 30-45 min
Plan :
-See traditional tea ceremony 10,000 yen per person (minimum 2 people)
Website :
*Advance reservation is required.

4. Only drink Matcha

drinking matcha

a. Japanese garden

You could drink Matcha in traditional Japanese garden. It costs about 500-700 yen.

-Shinjuku Gyoen garden
@Rakuu-tei (  *only Japanese
-Rikugien garden
@Fukiage tea house (
-Hamarikyu garden
@Nakashima tea house(

b. Japanese museum

In Japanese museum, sometimes you could find Japanese garden and tea house.
The cafe is very fashionable and you could enjoy your relax time there. 1,000 yen-

-Nezu museum (


Hope you could enjoy good time with traditional tea!!
If you need to get reservation, please feel free to let us know.

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