The First Starbucks ever in Tottori.

This is what Starbucks had people do in Tottori.


On 23rd of March 2015, Starbucks opened its first branch in Tottori prefecture and More than 1000 people said to queue up for the opening.
Tottori is one of the most country area in Japan and would boast that it’s the only prefecture which had no Starbucks. But finally, the empire arrives.


Whether you believe it or not, about 150 people queued overnight and TV clues from a local station came only to report this “big event”.

As this incident tells you, Tottori has completely different taste from other cities in Japan. It has the least population and you will find only a few buildings there. This place is perfect when you want to get away from hustle and bustle in big cities in Japan.


And also, they have something they can boast of.

Tottori sand dunes


This sand dune is the biggest one in Japan which people are allowed to go into.

Sanbutsu-ji temple


Though it’s hidden from famous tourist’s step, it actually is a national treasure of Japan. The origin of this temple still remains a mystery, but at least the history can go back to 12th century.

Mt’ Daisen national park


This beautiful mountain has an elevation of 1729 meters and is just enough for leisure climbing.

If you want to experience the nature and truly local area, Tottori is worth visiting for sure!! And compare to its country atmosphere, to get there is not so hard. It takes only two and half hour from Osaka by train and costs less than 4000 yen for one way.

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