Tokyo Private Tour in June

In June, lots of wonderful guests visitied Japan and they enjoyed thier day in Tokyo with our friendly guide. Tokyo is an exciting city with lots of charms. Our guests explored the city like a local with our guide and deepened the insights of Tokyo! Where did you enjoy the most?? We hope that they had  wonderful times in Japan.  Thank you very much for your visit!

6/4 Asakusa Temple

Enjoyed Maid Cafe!

6/17 We are in Asakusa!

Kiyosumi Japanese Garden

6/19 Meiji Shrine

Japanese art of archery

6/24 Enjoyed Market!

Shibuya Crossing!

6/28 Huge Fish!

Meiji Shinto Shrine

6/30 Gods love Sake!?

The amazing Scramble

Thank you very much for your visit!  We will wait for you to come back to Tokyo again! We wish you all the best!

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