Things to do in Tokyo! Unique Izakayas experiences

Have you ever been to Izakaya? It’s Japanese style bar-cum-restaurant. As it’s a part of Japanese culture, you can find one of them at literally any place in Japan. Typically they look like a canteen or restaurant rather than bar, but serve alcoholic drink as well as wide variety cuisine. And you can also find unusual kind of Izakayas in Tokyo. If you have already been to normal Izakaya and want different experience, this line-up will satisfy your odd seeking mind!!

mr. kanso― Canned food specialized bar



They boast more than 300 kind of canned foods from not only Japan but also all around the world. It will be very fun just to have a glance of shelf full of cans.

▼Kanda branch

▼Asakusa branch

They have more branches at Tamachi, Monzen-nakacho, Ochanomizu, Ueno, Nakano, Kameido etc…  Get help from a Japanese to see their homepage.

[Ref]HP (Japanese only)

Vows bar― A bar run by Buddhist monks



All the bartenders at this unique bar are Buddhist monks. If you understand Japanese, you can listen to a holy sermon by one of the monks and restart your life right here. Even if you are not familiar with Japanese, the atmosphere is enjoyable.


[Ref]HP (Japanese only)

Planetarium bar ― Planetarium bar (Literally)

Why don’t you look up at the sky drinking? They have one of the newest planetarium in the bar.


[Ref]HP (with English)
check out the opening hour. You should also check if the bar is occupied with wedding ceremony or party before you leave for.

Ninja Akasaka ― A Ninja bar



Yeah, This is what you want in Japan! You will feel like you are master when you are served by Ninja.


[Ref]HP (with English)

Tsuribune Chaya Zauo―Fishing boat Izakaya



You can’t finish your trip without visiting this extraordinary bar. As Japanese are one of the most renowned fish eater, it’s much better to experience their fishing culture. You can even fish at this bar!!

▼Shinjuku branch

▼Shibuya branch

[Ref]HP (Japanese only)

Little TGV ― Train style bar



Surely you can find a train style bar only at this place. As this bar is located in Akihabara, cute girls in train conductress uniform will serve you drinks.


[Ref]HP (Japanese only)


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