Our Suggested Itinerary in Tokyo For 7 hours -How to Enjoy Tokyo in One Day!

You have no idea for what you can do or how to plan your day in Tokyo?We usually recommend to decide 4 places to go in one day. Here is the one day itinerary for 7 hours which is especially good for first timers in Japan! 

Tokyo highlight 7 hours itinerary 

9:00 am Tsukiji 

Tsukiji market

Tsukiji Market is one of the biggest fish market in Japan. But it is not only a fish market but also sell fresh vegetables, Japanese sweets and some kitchen equipments so you can learn Japanese culinary culture while walking along the narrow streets of Tsukiji Market. 
If you prefer walking with a local knowledgeable guide, check the link below! This market could be overwhelming but if you walk with a guide, you can see much more things that you will not see otherwise or you will get a deeper understanding for the Japanese culture and the market itself. 

Tokyo Fish Market Tour @Tsukiji -Enjoy Local Food and Drink 

11:00 am Asakusa 


Asakusa is one of the famous tourist destinations in Tokyo. The traditional and nostalgic atmosphere still remains there and you will see beautiful old Tokyo. The most popular spot is Senso-ji temple which is the oldest temple in Tokyo and Kaminarimon Gate which is the entrance gate of the temple where you can see a big red lantern hanging. You can also walk around enjoying Japanese little street foods and sweets. Take a rickshaw if you are interested in, you might think it is too tourist things to do but actually it is fun! Enjoy talking with energetic and knowledgeable driver during the ride. 

1:00 pm Harajuku and Meiji Shrine 

Harajuku is known as the essential place for Japanese pop culture. Get lost in Takeshita Dori and find youself in full of Kawaii culture. You will see what is the popular trend especially for young generation at this moment in Japan there. But it could be very crowded especially on the weekend.

If you prefer a quiet area, we would recommend to visit Meiji Shrine. It is close to Harajuku station but you feel like it is completely separated from the area around it. Very quiet and sacred atmosphere is something you only can experience there at Meiji Shrine. You might be able to see the wedding ceremony in Japanese traditional way on the weekend if you are lucky!

3:30 pm Shibuya Crossing 

shibuya crossing

About 500 thousands of people cross Shibuya Crossing a day. It is known as the busiest crossing in the world. It became popular from the movie Lost In Translation and you might have seen the picture somewhere when you searched about Tokyo. 

If you still have time, go to Shinjuku or Roppongi for a night 


Shinjuku or Roppongi area is good for drinking and night activities. You can go to Shinjuku for some local Izakaya which is Japanese style bar where you can have delicious Japanese foods and drinks. If you want to go dancing in the club or go to fancy bars, we would recommend you to go to Roppongi. 


We have night tours where your guide will take you to their favorite Izakaya and have kanpai (cheers) together! You might find it difficult to order at Izakaya but it will be much easier with your English speaking guide. Check the link below for more information. 

Shinjuku Biggest Drinking Town Izakaya Hopping Tour

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