10 Things to Do in Asakusa, Tokyo

Things to do in Tokyo

What is Asakusa?

Asakusa is the district in Tokyo where you can still see the traditional city scape. The most famous spot would be Kaminarimon which is the red gate with the red big lantern hanging in front of Senso-ji temple.
If you are interested in the history, tradition or culture of Japan, Asakusa is the perfect destination for a day!

There are many good reasons to take a tour in Tokyo. Your guide will show you around their favorite places based on your request and you can visit places where you would never go otherwise.
Check the link down blow for Asakusa related tours!

Japan Wonder Travel Tokyo Private tours
Japan Wonder Travel Tsukiji and Asakusa tour

1. Nakamise Dori

Nakamise Dori is the shopping street toward Senso-ji temple. It has been the central part for people who visit the temple since the late 17th century. It’s considered as one of the oldest shopping streets in Japan.
There are about 90 stores where you can get some small things to eat and souvenirs. Our recommendations would be Japanese sweets used sweet potatoes, fried Manju which is filling of red beans paste, rice crackers and the famous Ningyo-yaki(Little baked doll cake).

2. Senso-ji

Senso-ji temple has 1,400 years of history. This is a very popular tourist spot in Tokyo and you can try Omikuji(fortune telling) here! It is written in both Japanese and English so even if you have no idea what they say in Japanese you will be able to understand it. If it was a bad luck, you can tie Omikuji paper at the temple.
New Years is a big thing in Japan and so many people visit Senso-ji for Hatsumode. Hatsumode is the old custom to visit temple on the first day of the new year. If you stay in Japan during New Years, this would be a quite new experience for you.

3. Hanayashiki

Hanayashiki is a small amusement park, firstly established in 1853 as a flower garden. In 1949, after the war, it was rebuild as an amusement park. You can try the oldest roller coaster in Japan!
Enjoy the rides and shows at Hanayashiki.

4. Hoppy Dori

Hoppy Dori is a drinking street where not only tourists but locals would go for drinking and eating. Hoppy is almost non-alcohol drink which was invented to replace beer when the price of beer was very expensive.
Some of the stores open from the afternoon so you might see people enjoying drinking all day! If you would like to get a drink like a local, go to Hoppy Dori!

5. Tokyo Skytree and Solamachi

It is 634 meters high tower and you can watch over the beautiful view of Tokyo at the observation deck. Also, you can go to Solamachi right next to Tokyo Skytree. Solamachi is a shopping, dining and entertainment complex and they even have an aquarium or a planetarium! You can spend all day here and it would be a good place to spend a day when it rains as well.

6. Food Sample Store

Food sample is one of the unique things in Japan and you will see a lot in the showcase in front of the restaurant. Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya has been contributed to the food service industry for 87 years. You can get some souvenirs looking like real foods and also you can join the making experience activity! Get ready to be surprised by well made samples here.

7. Sumida Edo Kiriko

Kiriko, cut glass was founded in 1834. They have beautiful details on the glass and the popular use for it would be a glass for Sake. If you are interested in learning Japanese tradition, we recommend you to join their making experience and make your original glass by yourself!

8. Asahi Breweries

Asahi Breweries is one of the most popular beer companies in Japan. You will catch sight of a golden form on the top of the building when you walk along the river. That building is right next to the Asahi headquarter and there are beer restaurants and bars. Try Japanese beer and beer cocktails there and taste the difference from your country’s!

9. World Bags and Luggage Museum

Japan has many unique museums and this is one of them. It is operated by ACE Bag Co. and many kind of bags and luggage were collected from 5 continents and over 50 countries. You can learn the history and culture through bags and luggage and you will see some rare finds. With owner’s huge passion and love for bags, it is very interesting museum.
You can enjoy the view of Tokyo Skytree at the lounge area. Also it is free!

10. Rickshaw Experience

Let’s go back to the late 19th century to enjoy the rickshaw!
It is very touristy thing to do but it is a good way to explore Asakusa area. The friendly and energetic driver will take you to the very funny rickshaw tour and you will definitely enjoy it. If you are interested in, check the link below to join the rickshaw ride tour!

Japan Wonder Travel Asakusa Rickshaw Ride

Recommended Tour

Japan Wonder Travel Tokyo Food Drink Tour Tsukiji and Asakusa

On this tour, we will take you to Tsukiji – one of the biggest market in Japan – in the morning and then explore around Asakusa. You will get some local experiences with your friendly and knowledgeable guide. They will tell you some stories and histories behind the town that you will never know!

Japan Wonder Travel Tokyo Private Tours

We can do a customized tour for you. The popular destination is Asakusa and we will often go there during the private tour. If you would like to get an one step deeper experience in Japan, please contact us! Japan Wonder Travel.com


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