5 things to do near Mt.Fuji area while going to Kyoto from Tokyo by bullet train!!

Many travelers visiting Japan go to Tokyo and Kyoto.
And of course you want to enjoy Mt.Fuji, right?

We wrote how to see Mt.Fuji between Tokyo and Kyoto in bullet train(Shinkansen) before.
This time, we write about suggestion to stop by some station and enjoy.

If you have JR rail pass, how about using that chance?

0. Where to get off?

We suggest two stations to get off.
#1 Mishima station(In Map, B)
#2 Shinfuji station(In Map, C)

#1 Mishima station (B)
-Access : 1 hour from Tokyo station by bullet train (KODAMA).

#2 Shinfuji station (C)
-Access : 70 minutes from Tokyo station by bullet train (KODAMA)

1. See Mt. Fuji from the thrilling bridge, “Mishima Sky Walk”

If you want to see Mt.Fuji from the longest suspension bridge in Japan, how about getting off Mishima station.
You could see beautiful Mt.Fuji with bridge.
But be careful!! The strong wind blows.

Access : 25 minutes by bus from Mishima station.
(BUS line 5 and get off at Hakone Seiroku Mishima Ohtsuribashi station.)
Admission Fee : 1,000 yen (adult), 500 yen (Secondary school student) and 200 yen (primary school student) to walk through the bridge.

2. Eat special Unagi near Mishima station

Have you heard of Unagi? It’s eel and energy food for Japanese people!
Unagi is popular among Mishima area.
The reason is as follows.
Before eating Unagi, we put them in pure water for a while and clean up their inside.
So “PURE WATER” is very important. There are a lot of natural spring from Mt.Fuji near Mishima.

How about eating Unagi at these shops?

-Sakuraya (桜家)
*Open : 11:00-20:00
*Not open : Wed.
*Web : https://tabelog.com/en/shizuoka/A2205/A220501/22000127/

-Fujimi  (不二美)
*Open : 11:00-14:45
*Not open : Wed.
*Web : https://tabelog.com/en/shizuoka/A2205/A220501/22000773/
*in front of Mishima station.

-Unagi Suminobo (うなぎ炭の坊)
*Open : 11:00-20:15
*Not open : None

3. Stop by the nearest bullet train station to Mt.Fuji, Shinfuji station

When you get off at Shinfuji station platform, you could see Mt.Fuji!!
Here is the nearest bullet train station to Mt.Fuji.

Let’s enjoy beautiful view from platform.

4. Visit the origin of shrine about Mt.Fuji, Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine

It takes about 1 hour from Shinfuji station, Fujinomiya station is there.
Very close to Fujinomiya station, you could find Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine.
That’s the origin of all shrine related with Mt.Fuji!!!
If it’s sunny, of course you could see Mt.Fuji.

You might feel the power!
Please go there with pure mind.

Access : 1 hour from Shinfuji station.
(Walk 30 min to Fuji station > JR Minobu line to Fujinomiya station > walk 10 min)
Admission Fee : Free

5. Eat local fried noodle, Fujinomiya Yakisoba

Near Fujinomiya station, there is street of Omiya Yakisoba street.
Yakisoba is fried noodle and Fujinomiya is famous for that.

At the street, you might fall in love with Yakisoba!!!!

6. Pick and make your own tea at the foot of Mt. Fuji tea farm

Actually near Mt.Fuji is one of the best tea spot in Japan!!
At Honda Seicha, 10 minutes from Shinfuji station by car, there is interesting activity.
You could pick tea from tea farm and could make your own tea from that.

We could learn all about tea from tea master and his wife.
If you are interested in joining the activity, please contact from here.

How do you think about that?
If you could see Mt.Fuji clearly from bullet train view, how about stop by near Mt.Fuji?

Hope you could have a good day!!!

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