A lot of guests joined Suamachi local delicatessen street tour in January #002

In January, it’s a bit quiet in the local delicatessen street.
Maybe because of the cold. Thank you for joining us such a cold day!!

[Sunamachi tips]
In Sunamachi street, there are many Pachinko stores.
Have you heard of Pachinko?
It’s like a pinball game. When you play good, you will get some prize and money. Many locals go there, but the stores are loud and smokey…

1/16 Guests from Aussie

Mince meat cutlet & Oden

1/19 Guests from US

Yakitori & Yukata

1/22 Guest from Aussie

Japanese tea & Tempura

1/23 Guests from US

Yukata & Japanese tea

Are you interested in Sunamachi local street?
Let’s join us!!

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