A lot of guests joined Sunamachi local delicatessen street tour in April #001

In April, We have a lot of guests.  People in Sunamachi Ginza are kindly open to the guests from foreign countries.  They are waiting for your visit again.  Thank you very much for joining our tour.

4/2 Guests

Yakitori & Minced cutlet

4/5 Guests from AUS

Tempura & Minced cutlet

4/8 Guests from USA & NED

Yakitori & Japanese tea

4/9 Guests from Singapore

Tempura & Japanese tea

4/12 Guests from Canada

Japanese tea & Sunamachi Ginza

4/14 Guests from Italy

Tempura & Japanese tea

4/16 Guests from USA

Tempura & Japanese tea

4/19 Guest from UK

Minced cutlet & Japanese tea

4/26 Guests from USA

Tempura & Sake

4/28 Guests from USA

Inari zushi & Minced cutlet

Thank you very much for coming!! We hope your coming back to Tokyo!

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