A lot of guests joined Sunamachi local delicatessen street tour in March #002

In the middle of March, it getting warmer and warmer day by day.
Spring has come!! Thank you for joining us!

3/15 Guests from US, FR & Poland

Inari-Zushi &Kimono

3/18 Guests from USA

Tempura & minced cutlet

3/19 Guests from Australia

Minced cutlet, Yakitori & Sake

3/24 Guests from CA &USA

Oden &Tempura

3/25 Guests from Germany &USA

Inari-Zushi &Kimono

3/26 Guests from UK

Minced cutlet &Tempura

3/29 Guests from Qatar & USA

Minced cutlet &Shinto shrine

3/31 Guests from German & UK

Oden &Yakitori with Sake

Thank you very much for your coming!!
We hope your coming back to Tokyo!!

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