Beautiful views of Autumn Leaves, One Day Trip from Tokyo: Kamakura, Hakone, Fuji Five Lakes, Nikko and inner Tokyo

hakone tozan train in autumn Day trips from Tokyo
© Odakyu Hakone Holdings Inc.

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We will introduce the 5 famous autumn leaves locations in Kanto region with their autumn foliage forecast. All the locations are possible to visit on a one day trip from Tokyo.

Autumn leaves makes the cities beautiful red world and more scenic places.

Even though Kamakura, Hakone, Fuji Five Lakes and Nikko, located in the same Kanto region, coming of Autumn Foliage is different from place to place. The towns are situated at higher elevations would have relatively early coloring of the trees. See this blog and schedule your autumn leaves viewing on your Japan trip.


Duration: Late October to Late November

Hakone is a well-known Onsen hot spring spot of Kanto-region. The area lies in a national park and covers over Mt. Hakone as well as Lake Ashino. The trees on the mountain peak start to be colored first and then the lower areas gradually change the tones. The beautiful nature from the rope-way could be the most impressive memory of fall leaves viewing.


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2. Fuji Five Lakes

Duration: Early to Late November

Watching seasonal delicacies forehead Mt. Fuji is grace of many Japanese people and foreign visitors as well. Fuji Lake Kawaguchi colored leaves Festival will be held on the north shore of Lake Kawaguchi. The festival venue to enjoy the autumn leaves with Mt. Fuji. The highlight of the festival is its Japanese maple tree street. The street will be lighted-up between 4pm and 10pm from 1st to 23rd of November 2017.

©Town of Fujikawaguchikocho

9 things to do in Mt.Fuji area


Duration: Late October to Late November

Nikko is a world heritage site and its Nikko Tosho-gu was built by the first Tokugawa Shogunate, Ieyasu. The outstanding gorgeously painted architecture itself attract a lot of visitors whole seasons. However, the shiniest time of the Nikko could be said during the autumn leaves period. You will find the historical objects decorated with red and yellow coloured trees.

Also, the area holds Lake Chuzen-ji and town of Yumoto Onsen hot spring where the nature stand on larger scale.

【Autumn Foliage Report】
Nikko area in late October, 2017. Irohazaka slope is the best time to see the foliage. The Ryuzu falls are over.

Ryuzu Falls

Ryuzu Falls near Lake Chuzenji © Nikko City Tourism Association

One day trip destination from Tokyo


Duration: Late November to Mid December

Tokyo is an interesting place to see the colored leaves with modern skyscrapers. The famous sites are Rikugien and Hamarikyu both were feudal lords’ garden in the past. The huge Gingo tree street of the outer garden of the Meiji-Jingu Shrine is also popular. The more secret locations are the Institute for Nature Study, National Museum of Nature and Science in Meguro ward and Tokyo University in Bunkyo ward.

Tokyo 2 days itinerary 


Duration:Mid November to Mid December

Kamakura is the place where many historical heritages gathering in Kanto region. The place is accessible within 1 hour and a half from central Tokyo. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to people who are short visitor of Japan and missed the season in Tokyo. The coastal town tends to have late autumn leaves because of the climate. Their traditional architectures and autumn leaves make beautiful harmony together. Light up autumn leaves can be seen at Hase temple.


©Hase temple


©Hase temple

One day trip to Kamakura from Tokyo

Map of Autumn Foliage Locations

Table of Autumn Foliage Forecast

When we hear the coming of winter, the leaves start getting colored as temperature falls. The bigger the difference of temperature between day and night, the more the leaves proceed the coloring. Following is a list of autumn foliage period for each location.

Location The periods of the autumn leaves in 2016 2017 forecast and actual status
Tokyo Late November to Mid December Mid November to Mid December
Hakone Late October to Late November Early November to Mid November
Nikko Late October to Late November Mid October to Early November
*the foliage in highland has been over
Fuji Lakes Early to Late November Early to Late November
*the fifth level of Mt.Fuji is the best season in Late October to Early November
Kamakura Mid November to Mid December Mid November to Mid December

Each area above is broad and has a lot of attractions. Then Japan Wonder Travel and our professional guide could help make your travel comfortable. We can design your itinerary, booking transportation and lead you the best place to see the beautiful autumn foliage at each site!


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