The best 5 fireworks experience around Tokyo in Summer

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In Japanese Summer, we could enjoy fireworks! Let’s wear Yukata and go out to see fireworks like locals.
This time we will introduce the best 5 fireworks in Tokyo.

1. Sumida river fireworks

Sumida river fireworks is the most famous fireworks festival in Japan!! On that day, around this area lots of people gathered and it is packed with people. Even though this situation, it is worth visiting there to see very beautiful fireworks.

Date : 28th(Sat.) July 2018
*If it rains so hard, fireworks is on 29th.
Time : 19:30-20:30
Number of fireworks : 20,000
Nearest station : Asakusa station
Website : *Only Japanese

2. Jingu Gaien fireworks

Date : 11th(Sat.) August 2018
*If it rains so hard, fireworks is on 12th.
Time : 19:00-20:30
Number of fireworks : 12,000
Nearest station : JR Shinanomachi or Metro Gaienmae station
Website : *Only Japanese

3. Yokohama Sparkling twilight fireworks

Date : 14th(Sat.) and 15th(Sun.) July 2018
Time : 19:30-20:00
Number of fireworks : 3,000
Nearest station : Motomachi Chukagai station (about 1 hour from Tokyo)
Website : *Only Japanese

4. Makuhari beach fireworks festa 2018

Date : 27th(Fri.) July 2018
Time : 19:30-20:30
Number of fireworks : 20,000
Nearest station : JR Kaihinmakuhari station
Website : *Only Japanese

5. Edogawa fireworks festival

Date : 4th(Sat.) August 2018
Time : 19:15-20:30
Number of fireworks : 14,000
Nearest station : Shinozaki station
Website : *Only Japanese

Other Schedule

There are lots of fireworks in Tokyo area!!


14th (Sat.) : Kurihama Perry festival / Yokohama sparkling fireworks
15th (Sun.) : Yokohama sparkling fireworks
21st (Sat.) : Itabashi fireworks
24th (Tue.)  : Katsushika fireworks / Kamakura fireworks
27th (Fri.) : Makuhari beach fireworks festival
28th (Sat.)  : Sumidagawa river fireworks / Urayasu fireworks / Koshigaya fireworks / Hachioji fireworks  / Showa memorial park fireworks
30th (Mon.) : Saitama fireworks.


1st (Wed.)  : Koto fireworks / Funabashi port park fireworks
4th (Sat.)  : Edogawa fireworks / Atsugi Ayu festival / Ichikawa fireworks festival / Matsudo fireworks / Toda bridge fireworks / Itabashi fireworks / Southern beach Chigasaki fireworks
11th (Sat.)  : Jingu Gaien fireworks
24th (Fri.) : Shonan Hiratsuka fireworks
25th (Sat.) : Misato Summer festival / Kanazawa festival fireworks

Hope you enjoy there!!


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