Cancellation policy

Full refund 8 days prior to your tour, excluding a 5% transaction fee.

  • Must be made 8 full days prior to 12:00 AM (JST) the day your tour is scheduled. For example, if your tour is scheduled for Friday, cancel by the 1 week before Thursday at midnight (previous Friday 12:00 AM in the tour’s timezone) for full refund minus a 5% transaction fee.

If you cancel within 7 days, we refund excluding cancellation charges and a 5% transaction fee.

Our cancellation charges are as follows:
4-7 days prior:10%
3 days prior-:20%,
2 days prior-:30%,
the day prior-:50%,
on the day- :100%
No show-:100%


  • 返金を受けるには現地時間でツアー日の8日前までにキャンセルする必要があります。例えば、ツアー日が金曜日の場合、前週木曜日の現地時間深夜0時(前週金曜日のAM12時)までにキャンセルしなければなりません。
3日前   :20%
2日前   :30%
1日前   :50%
当日    :100%

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