Cancellation policy Japan Wonder Travel

Full refund 8 days prior to your tour, excluding a 5% transaction fee.

Cancellation must be made 8 full days prior to 12AM (JST) the day your tour is scheduled. For example, if your tour is scheduled for Friday, cancel by the week before Thursday at midnight (previous Friday 12AM in the tour’s timezone) for full refund minus a 5% transaction fee.

Cancellation fees

If you cancel within 7 days, we charge a cancellation fee and a 5% transaction fee.

Our cancellation charges are as follows:

  • 4-7 days prior to tour > 10% charged
  • 3 days prior to tour > 20% charged
  • 2 days prior to tour > 30% charged
  • 1 day prior to tour > 50% charged
  • Same day cancellation > 100% charged
  • No show > 100% charged
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