Hidden places in Japan

Hidden places in Japan

Complete Guide to Naoshima – Japan’s Art Island

Naoshima is an art island located in the Seto Inland Sea in Japan. It has been gotten more attentions lately due to the beautiful sea and a number of modern museums and galleries. Becoming a new center of the contemporary art, there are more visitors coming to the island from all over the world! In this article, we will share things to do in Naoshima focusing on art museums which will touch your heart!

Best Places To Visit In Tottori

Tottori Prefecture is situated along the Sea of Japan coast in the Chugoku Region. Its same named capital is Tottori, known for the French Renaissance-style mansion of Jinpukaku and the Kyusho Park with Tottori Castle Ruins. The prefecture is famous for the Tottori Sand Dunes, the largest sand hills in the country, but there are many more interesting spots to be discovered in this rural prefecture. Here we present the best places to visit in Tottori!
Hidden places in Japan

Kumano Kodo Hiking Trails – A complete overview

The ancient Kumano Kodo hiking trails across the Kii peninsula in the Kansai region, offer an amazing hiking experience. There are popular pilgrim trails offer options for everyone form challenging multi-day hikes, to easy day trips. Here we will give you a complete overview of the best options for everyone.
Hidden places in Japan

10 Must-Visit Animal Islands That Will Surprise You in Japan

There are some animal islands you can visit in Japan such as cat islands, horse island, rabbit island and monkey island etc. Enjoy the beautiful view of the island and meet the cute animals there!
Hidden places in Japan

The Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Japan

When it comes to nature spots, Japan has a lot of beautiful greenery to offer. With over 70% over the country being covered with mountains and lush forest, there is a rich nature to be discovered! Due to the mountainous areas and large amounts of water, there is a high number of waterfalls in Japan; 517 named waterfalls according to the government. Many of these waterfalls aren’t easy to access due to remote mountain locations. Though lately the number of tourists and hikers has increased. Visiting a waterfall can be a refreshing experience which offers some peaceful time away from the busy life as well. The falls all definitely show some similarities, but each waterfall has has its own beauty and attractions besides the differences in height, width and location. We have compiled a list with waterfalls in Japan that will surely take your breath away!

Tottori: A Hidden Desert In Japan

Japan has a rich natural environment: the country is surrounded by sea and has many mountains, forests and valleys that divide the landscape. But did you know... Japan also has sand dunes and a desert? In this article we will talk more about what to do and see in this undiscovered, beautiful place.


Visit Shirakawago: Let’s Explore A Japanese Fairy Tale Village

Shirakawago is a beautiful mountain village where you can enjoy the good old Japanese countryside view. It is registered as World Heritage Site and is one of the most popular places to visit in Japan.
Hidden places in Japan

The Best Hidden Nature Spots in Japan

In this article, we introduced some of the hidden places in Japan. Go exploring around the beautiful nature spots to get an unforgettable memory of the trip.
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