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Hidden places in Japan

Long Weekend Trip to Celebrate the Snow Season at One of Japan’s Biggest Ski Resort! SHIGA KOGEN – NAGANO

Shiga Kogen is a perfect winter resort in Nagano prefecture. Here you will see how to enjoy there skiing and beautiful winter wonderland!
Hidden places in Japan

A Week in the Kanto Region

During my trip I was offered the opportunity to travel in Gunma, Tochigi and Ibaraki prefectures. Having lived in Tokyo for several months now I was excited at the opportunity to travel outside of Tokyo and experience a more rural Japan than that what I have been used to in Tokyo. I was also excited to try the local food in each of the respective prefectures.
Day trips from Tokyo

Day Trip to Nikko from Tokyo – How to Get There and What to See!

Nikko is an ancient city located in the northern part of Tochigi Prefecture, about 100 km north of Tokyo. We say city, but really it is more a village, famous for its shrines, surrounded by beautiful nature. Being relatively close to Tokyo it makes for a great day trip, though you should consider spending the night at this historical place. There are many different places to go, things to do and last but certainly not least, many onsen to visit after a long day of hiking and sightseeing. Here is everything you will need to know about how to get to Nikko from Tokyo and what to do!
Hidden places in Japan

36 Hours in Niigata: Scenery, sake and Tsubamesanjo!

Niigata has many things to offer, delicious local foods, sake and beautiful scenery! Visited Kiyotsu Gorge and enjoyed Sake tasting and took a tour for the copperware factory and joined the workshop to learn the hand crafting which is one of the top industries in the region. Read more to know its attraction of this off the beaten track area!
Hidden places in Japan

Miyagi & Fukushima – March 2020

Travel around Tohoku area and discover new things from beautiful nature to modern aquarium and drop by even Japanese barbie Licca's castle and the Coal and Fossil museum. Read this exciting journey in the north part of Japan. Tohoku!
Hidden places in Japan

The Best Experience in Beautiful Chiba

A traveler went on one night and two days trip in Chiba prefecture. Only a couple of hours away from Tokyo by train, Chiba has many beautiful things to offer. Enjoy full of nature and meeting friendly neighborhood.
Hidden places in Japan

Traversing into Tokyo’s Closest Prefectures: Kanagawa, Shizuoka, and Yamanashi

What follows is a 4-day itinerary I followed with the help of Japan Wonder Travel in order to explore some of the unknown spots of three Japanese prefectures near Tokyo: Kawasaki, Shizuoka, and Yamanashi. It was a short but intense trip in which I discovered local culture, tried delicious food and enjoyed outdoor activities. I hope you find this useful for your travels!
Day trips from Kyoto

Ultimate Travel Guide in Kobe – Things to Do and Places to Visit!

Kobe is an often underestimated city in the Kansai area. Because of its rich and international history, the city has a unique atmosphere and many special things to see and do. In this article we will tell you why you should visit Kobe and what you should see and do!

Hidden places in Japan


Bessho Onsen is located in Nagano prefecture. During the trip, unexpectedly found some cute cafes in Nagano and got welcomed by warm locals and enjoyed the outdoor hot springs at night.
Hidden places in Japan

Relax At The Hot Springs Of Kusatsu Onsen And The Origin Of Daruma

It was natural that I volunteered to go to Gunma prefecture to show as many people as possible how many places this prefecture has to offer as a 'must-see'. Follow me during my two days there, and I hope it will create a little spark of envy in your heart.
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