Things to do in Japan

Hidden places in Japan

Tottori: A Hidden Desert In Japan

Japan has a rich natural environment: the country is surrounded by sea and has many mountains, forests and valleys that divide the landscape. But did you know... Japan also has sand dunes and a desert? In this article we will talk more about what to do and see in this undiscovered, beautiful place.

Things to do in Japan

Explore Onsen Hot Springs in South Part of Japan: Kyushu

Because 75 percent of Japan is made up of mountains, many of which are volcanic, it enjoys hot springs across the whole...
Things to do in Japan

The Complete Sushi Guide; History, Etiquette and Recommended Sushi Classes

Sushi is by far the most famous dish from the Japanese cuisine worldwide. this blog, we will explain you more about what sushi is, where it comes from, how to eat it and where you can learn more about how to make it yourself!
Things to do in Japan

Why You Should Have A Local Guide In Japan

From time to time, it is hard for foreigners to understand the Japanese culture, especially when you visit Japan for the first time. That is why we highly recommend you explore this beautiful country with a tour guide. Especially when you have a great interest in the culture and traditions. In this article, we give you our reasons!
Things to do in Japan

Japanese Calligraphy [shodo] Workshops In Tokyo

Shodo, meaning the way of writing, is the traditional Japanese writing of kanji. One of the three writing styles of Japanese. In this article we will introduce several places where you can learn more about shodo and write your own name of favourite word.
Things to do in Japan

The Best 10 Places to Do Tea Ceremony in Tokyo

Are you looking for some places to experience Japanese tea ceremony in Tokyo?Here in this article, we introduced some recommended places to all your needs!
Things to do in Japan

Hakone Day Trip – Perfect Access & Area Guide

Hakone is known for its attractive sightseeing spots, and is popular by many tourists from abroad. Being a very easy ac...
Long list to do in Japan

Sake Breweries Close To Tokyo That You Should Visit!

Sake is a traditional alcoholic drink in Japan with a long history. It is very famous in Japan and if you consider to visit Tokyo we created this guide to show you 10 sake breweries that you could visit!
Things to do in Japan

Travelling to Okinawa Islands: Must Visit Places!

Okinawa is a Japanese prefecture comprising more than 150 islands. It's known for its tropical climate, white beaches and coral reefs, as well as World War II sites. In this article we will talk about 10 must visit places on the Okinawa islands!
Things to do in Japan

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan At Least Once In Your Life

Japan is an amazing tourist destination as it offers many unique experiences that you would not find in any other part ...
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