Things to do in Japan

Things to do in Japan

Best 5 Local shopping street to enjoy a walk-and-eat in Tokyo

Many traveler would love to go somewhere local and eat at non-touristic restaurant. If you are foodie, I strongly rec...
Fukushima Disaster Area

Touring Within a 20 km area of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Visit the restricted areas of Fukushima suffered from the high-radiation due to the Nuclear Power Plant break. The G...
Things to do in Japan

Touring Asuka Village by bike (1 day trip from Nara, Kyoto or Osaka )

Have you heard Asuka? If you have been in Manhattan, NY, you may know Asuka Sushi restaurant. So what is Asuka? Asu...
What to eat in Japan

Kamachiku, Bib Gourmand Udon restaurant in the Michelin Guide Tokyo

Udon is wheat noodle, one of the famous Japanese food. And udon is my most favorite food! There is no Michelin-Starr...
What to eat in Japan

Rokurinsha 六厘舎, Best Tsukemen shop in Tokyo Ramen Street

Do you know Rokurinsha (六厘舎)? It's one of the most famous Ramen restaurant in Japan, known to be Tokyo's Best Tsukemen....
Things to do in Japan

Whiskey Distillery Tours, One day trip from Tokyo

Japan is one of the major whiskey production countries. The Suntory’s honored whiskey Yamazaki get more and more recogni...
Things to do in Japan

Do you want to see Japanese traditional theater, Kabuki? [How to get a Kabuki Ticket]

Kabuki is the Japan’s unique stage drama and one of the traditional arts. It is registered to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultur...
Things to do in Japan

Beautiful views of Autumn Leaves, One Day Trip from Tokyo: Kamakura, Hakone, Fuji Five Lakes, Nikko and inner Tokyo

Hi, we are Japan Wonder Travel who is a travel agency mainly offers unique tours for foreign independent travelers. We w...
Things to do in Japan

The Real 10 Ghibli Movies’ Locations in Japan

Studio Ghibli is one of the famous Japanese animation film studios. There are so many great movie like Nausicaa of the ...
Itinerary in Japan

14 Days Suggested Itinerary in Japan ~ Golden route ~

If you have 2 weeks to explore Japan. it would be better to visit some places! Here is the suggested itinerary for 14 days trip. Let's make the most of your trip!
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