What to see in Japan

Things to do in Japan

The Best 10 Things to do in the Kanto Region; Must See Shrines & Temples

Are you interested in shrines and temple? One of the purposes to come to Japan is probably to visit there and feel how w...
Things to do in Japan

What to do on rainy day in Kyoto

Do you enjoy Japan? Sometimes it is really difficult to decide what to do during trip.  Especially in case of bad wea...
Things to do in Japan

How to get to Miho Museum from Kyoto

Have you heard "Miho Museum" before? Recently here is one of the most popular spot for the foreigner tourists. So in t...
Things to do in Japan

Touring Asuka Village by bike (1 day trip from Nara, Kyoto or Osaka )

Have you heard Asuka? If you have been in Manhattan, NY, you may know Asuka Sushi restaurant. So what is Asuka? Asu...
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