Things to do in Tokyo

Long list to do in Japan

The Best 14 Craft Beer Places in Tokyo!

Japanese people love beer and it is the best feelings to get some drinks after work... But recently, beer scene in Japa...
Things to do in Japan

The 10 Best Things to Do in Tokyo

Tokyo is actually huge and many things to do. Lots of sightseeing spots and activities are there. The most interesting p...
Things to do in Japan

How to Apply Special Tuna Auction Tour in Toyosu market in Tokyo

Watching tuna auction is one of the most exciting experience in Tokyo. We could watch it at Tsukiji market before 6th...
Things to do in Japan

The Best 10 Things to do in the Kanto Region; Must See Shrines & Temples

Are you interested in shrines and temple? One of the purposes to come to Japan is probably to visit there and feel how w...
Things to do in Japan

Toyosu Market Restaurants Guide- The Best Place to Eat at New Fish Market in Tokyo

As we reported, Tsukiji Inner Market has been relocated to a new location, Toyosu Fish Market. Along with the wholesale ...
Things to do in Japan

SUSHI DAI vs DAIWA SUSHI vs Others at Toyosu market

Tsukiji "inner" market closed and moved to TOYOSU market last year. Sushi restaurants at the former market including the two most famous ones: SUSHI DAI and DAIWA SUSHI also moved to Toyosu Market now.
Things to do in Japan

The best 5 Chanko restaurant in Ryogoku!!

1. Introduction Have you heard of Sumo? Of course? That's Japanese national sport. Then have you heard about Chan...
Things to do in Japan

The best 5 fireworks experience around Tokyo in Summer.

In Japanese Summer, we could enjoy fireworks! Let's wear Yukata and go out to see fireworks like locals. This time we w...
Things to do in Japan

Best 3 Architecture tour area in Tokyo

Tokyo had big earthquake in 1923 and the bombing of Tokyo in 1945. At that time, many old buildings and houses in Tokyo ...
Things to do in Japan

7 things to Do near Narita Airport Area (For transit or layover), Tokyo

Are you wondering what you can do during your long layover in Narita Airport? Here are 7 things to do in Narita area so that you can use your time in Japan more efficiently! Don't just kill your time hanging out in the airport all day, let's explore the area!
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