Beginner’s Guide to the Japanese Shrine – How to Pray and More!

When you visit a shrine in Japan, you want to avoid any trouble by doing something wrong. Learning the basic rules and manners beforehand helps you get rid of your worries. Here are some useful tips and some things you should know when you visit a shrine!

Why Japanese People Do This? Interesting Culture in Japan!

When you travel to Japan, you might wonder many things about the behavior of Japanese people or Japanese culture. In this article, we answered these major questions about Japan! These are good to learn before you come to Japan to get ready for your trip too!

11 Things Not to Do in Japan

Any countries have its own taboos and rules and Japan is not the exception. If you can learn the hidden rules and don'ts before your trip, it will make your trip easier!
Cultural Experiences

How to take a Japanese onsen? Manners and rules for enjoying a hot spring

When coming to Japan, you should visit a onsen at least once. It is a big part of the Japanese lifestyle. But there are several do's and don'ts. Let us teach you the Japanese way of taking an onsen.
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