Cherry Blossom Forecast 2019 and the Best Sakura blooming spots in Japan[Recommended]


Where and when you could see beautiful cherry blossom?

Cherry blossom is one of the most famous part of Japan through a year,  therefore lots of people come to Japan in spring season. Even though it is really crowded season in Japan but it is worth to visiting and experience cherry blossom.

Do you want to see cherry blossom in Japan??
If so, you really would like to know best timing and places to see cherry blossom in Japan.
There are lots kinds of Japanese cherry blossom and it blooms at various places.
So we introduce you schedule for cherry blossom and recommended places you could see great scenery below.

☆Cherry blossom forecast

The Newest forecast of cherry blossom blooming comes out!!
In 2019, it starts blooming earlier than usual, around 21-25th of March in Tokyo.

In many places except Tohoku & Hokkaido, cherry blossom will start to bloom from the end of March to beginning of April.  If you miss this season, you could see it in Tohoku & Hokkaido since it starts blooming between Mid of the April to beginning of May.

For more details, please refer below website.
<Cherry blossom forecast 2019>

Now your plan to trip to Japan is fixed?

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Here are the our recommended list of the famous cherry blossom viewing places all over the Japan.

☆Cherry Blossom Spots in Japan

◉Hokkaido & Tohuku area

●Goryokaku park /Hokkaido (End of April to Beginning of May )

Cherry blossom in Hokkaido

This is the star shaped fortress which was built in Edo period. This is now open for visitor as Goryokaku park.

There are about 1600 cherry blossom trees and here is one of the best cherry blossom viewing. 

Best timing to see cherry blossom in Hakodate is end of April to begging of May.


●Matsumae Park /Hokkaido (End of April to Beginning of May)

cherry blossom in Hokkaido

Hiokkaido is one of the coldest places in Japan so it is the last place to bloom cherry blossom. So in case you missed cherry blossom in other places, you may see it until begging of May.

Matsumae park is the one of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Hokkaido and this is designated as one of Japan’s top100 cherry blossom viewing sites. There is castle in park so you see the collaboration of Sakura and castle. 

Over 10000 cherry trees around/in the park.



If you are interested in guide tour, check this !!

●Hirosaki park / Aomori (Around 20th April)

Cherry blossom in Hirosaki

Cherry blossom in Hirosaki park is the one of the most famous sites in Japan.  Hirosaki Sakura festival is usually held in end of April to beginning of May every year, and about 2.5 million people visit the festival during the period of the festival.

Cherry trees align along the outer moat and you can see reflection of it . This view is amazingly beautiful!! Once Sakura leafs start to fall down to the outer moat, pink leafs are floating on the surface of water and it looks like pink carpet. There is the only place you can see such incredible view in Japan.  This is must see scenery!!


●Kakunodate / Akita (Around 15th April) 

Kakunodate is the town which used to be flourished around castle. It is now said the town of Sakura. The town has good atmospheres and it is like old town. There are houses which Samurai used to live in. The scenery of old town with Sakura is quaint atmosphere.

Sakura festival is held between 20th, April to 5th, May every year and the town is a lot of hustle and bustle.


●Tsuruga castle park /Fukushima (End of March to Beginning of April) 

Tsuruga castle is located in this park and collaboration of white castle and cherry blossom (Sakura) is super amazing. Especially red roofing tile used by the castle is rare, so you can see such view only here.


●Hanamiyama Park/Fukushima (End of March to Beginning of April)

This park is private property of a farmer’s family. They started to plant lots kinds of flowers in their property and enjoy by themselves. But they have opened here to everyone as a park, then now it has become one of the famous places for cherry blossom viewing in Japan.

Even not spring, you can enjoy beautiful flowers all four seasons.


●Aizu railway / Fukushima (End of March to Beginning of April)

Aizu railway passes through the place Sakura beautifully bloomed therefore you can enjoy Sakura viewing while riding on the train. Furthermore, you can see magnificent natural landscape in Aizu from the window of train.


●Kitakata Sakura(cherry blossom) Festival  *Nicchusen weeping cherry tree /Fukushima      (End of March to Beginning of April)

1000 cherry blossom trees align along the promenade which is about 3km long.

You can find steam train is located on the halfway of the road, so you can take some pictures of stream train with cherry blossom. 



Tours in Hokkaido & Tohoku area

Hokkaido 1 day highlight private walking tour (8 hours)

Sendai & Matsushima 1 day highlight Private walking Tour (7 hours)

Fukushima Disaster area tour

Any requests for the tours in Hokkaido & Tohoku area please feel free to contact our concierge service

◉Kanto area

●Chidorigafuchi / Tokyo (Around 24th March)

Chidorigafuchi is one of the most famous Sakura (Cherry blossom) viewing spots Tokyo.  You can enjoy beautiful scenery from the 700 meter long walkway which is along the moat of imperial palace, and boat you can ride around the moat(only Chidorigafuchi area).

In Sakura season(March to April), it will be crowed with bunch of people. So please keep it your mind.


●Gongendo Sakura Tsutsumi / Saitama (Around 27th March)

Gongendo Sakura Tsutsumi is the also one of the famous cherry blossom viewing spot in Kanto area. It is located in Satte, Saitama prefecture, little bit far from Tokyo, but it’s worth visiting in sakura season since you can see combination of sakura and rape blossom. About 1000 cherry trees make 1km cherry blossom tunnel so,  you can enjoy Sakura itself and  amazing contrast between pink and yellow.


●Kominato Railway & Isumi Railway / Chiba (Around 27th March)

It is local railway in Chiba. So lot of  train enthusiast come to take pictures of train with beautiful and rural Japanese scenery. In sakura season(end of March to beginning of April), cherry blossoms bloom along the railroad and at the same time, rape blossom also bloom.  Therefore you can enjoy beautiful scenery of pink and yellow from the trail. Our recommendation is to get off the train and see great combination of Sakura, rape blossom and local train!!

<Website> Kominato railway 
Isumi railway

●Meguro River / Tokyo (Around 24th March)

Meouro river is the one of the most famous Sakura viewing spot in Japan. It is about 4km long Sakura tunnel and you can enjoy sakura while walking.  Since there are lots of shops and restaurants along the Meguro river, you can also enjoy shopping and eating foods, also taking a rest at coffee shop.

The bombori lanterns during the night illuminate sakura and surface of river really beautifully.

During the period that sakura blooms, events are held and Sakura is illuminated at night. Bunch of people will come Meguro river to see Sakura, but I recommend to visit here.


Ueno Park / Tokyo (Around 24th March)

Ueno park is one of the most famous places to see cherry blossoms in Japan, always in spring TV news features Cherry blossoms there. It is really bustle of people in this season and most of people do Japanese Hanami in this park! You could feel Japanese traditional style of viewing Cherry blossoms.

Ueno park is quiet big so, you could walk around the park and enjoy viewing not even Cherry blossoms, also lots of plants, flowers greeneries. There is a pond called “Shinobazu pond”, where you could ride swan boat.

Ueno park is also famous for lots of museums, such as Tokyo National Museum and Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum etc.
If you like to see animals, you could also go to Ueno zoo. Lots kinds of animals are living in the zoo.
It is must go place if you haven’t been there!!


Tours in Tokyo & Kanto area

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Private tours in Tokyo

Cultural activities tour such as watching sumo

Spot tours (budgeted tour)

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You could see time schedule forJapanese Cherry blosoms

◉Kansai & Shikoku area

●Yodo river park sewaritei district/ Kyoto (Around 26th March)

Lot of cherry blossom trees are along the Yodo river and it makes Sakura tunnel which goes to 1.4 km long. It is one of the famous and beautiful sakura spot in Kyoto. You can see sakura from both outside(shore) and inside of sakura tunnel.

You can take a rest on the lawn while seeing natures.

Also observation deck is located at outside of the park(east side), you can see overall sakura tunnel.


●Mount Yoshino /Nara (Around 27th March)

Mount Yoshino is the one of the most famous sakura spot in Japan.

Cherry trees started planting about 1,300 years ago and since then Yoshino is famous for sakura. About 30,000 trees planted and it said once sakura fully blooms, you could see 1,000 cherry trees at once. Sakura planting areas are quite big, it is divided into 4 areas and blooming timing is little bit different per each area.  Sakura in Mount Yoshino usually start blooming from end of March, In order from lower area, Shimo Senbon(lower), Naka Senbon(middle), Kami Senbon(upper) and Oku Senbon.  So you can enjoy sakura until end of April. 

Mount Yoshino is also certificated as world heritage, if you interested in, you can visit shrines /temples as well.


Mt. Yoshino Sakura tour

●Kaizu-osaki,   Hikone castle /Shiga (Around 30th March)

Kaizu-osaki has about 600 cherry blossom trees across the 4km area along the shore of lake Biwa which is one the famous touristic place in Japan. Here is also known as  one of best scenery spot in lake Biwa. Contrast of Sakura and the lake view is amazing.

There are lots of places to visit around lake Biwa, so I recommend to go to other places as well.

One of the my recommendation is Hikone castle.

It remains same conditions as when it was built 400 years ago and it is designated national treasure.  There are 12 castles which castle keep is remained but only 5 castle keeps are designated as national treasure. The others are Himeji castle, Matsumoto castle, Inuyama castle and Matsue castle.

In sakura season, approximately 1,200 cherry trees bloom around Hikone castle. You can enjoy sakura while walking, riding ricksha and “Yakatabune” traditional Japanese boat along the moat of the castle.  Only in sakura season, sakura illuminated at the night. So here is the place you can enjoy sakura at night.

<Website> Kaizu-Osaki
                    Hikone catsle


●Daigoji temple/ Kyoto (Around 26th March )

Daigoji temple is famous for “Daigo no Hanami” which is sakura viewing party that Hideyoshi Toyotomi held in 1598.  Daigoji temple is especially historical place for sakura in Kyoto where is famous for sakura in Japan.  You can see varieties sorts of cherry trees and now 800 cherry trees in Daigoji temple.

It is world cultural heritage site, therefore you can also enjoy garden and historical buildings.


●Keage incline / Kyoto (Around 26th March)

Keage incline is inclined railway which used to be important transportation between Kyoto and Lake Biwa.  It is now designated as national historic site and one of the famous Sakura spot in Kyoto. You could see unique view of rail and Sakura in end of March to Beginning of April.

From here, you can walk down to Nanzenji temple. When you go there, firstly you could see massive gate called Sanmon gate which is one of the top three biggest gates in Japan. One more spot you must see is large brick aqueduct called Suirokaku. It’s role is to supply water from Lake Biwa to Kyoto resident.


●Heian Shirne / Kyoto (Around 26th March)

Heian shrine have great red building which is really impressed since it appear among the city. Heian shrine also show us different faces in each seasons, but especially in spring, weeping cherry blossom trees beautifully bloom. Not only Sakura, you could see varieties of flowers and plants in the garden.


●Osaka castle / Osaka (Around 27th March)

Osaka castle is famous site for Sakura viewing spot in conjunction with landmark of Osaka. It is in Osaka castle park which is located at central part of Osaka city. You can see collaboration of the Sakura and castle, also enjoy walking around the park. There’re 300 cherry blossom trees and 1,200 palm trees in the park. You can feel history and nature at once!!


●Nara park / Nara (Around 26th March)

Nara park is quite large park like there are some historical temples /shrines and over 1,300 deer(as you may know). Even though it is located at urban area, you see lots of natures and plants in the park.  In sakura season, the park colored pink here and there with some variety of cherry blossoms. You can enjoy several aspects of Nara park.


●Himeji castle /Himeji (Around 26th March)

Himeji castle is well known as first word culture heritage in Japan. Same as Hikone castle, it remains same condition as when it was built and still looks really beautiful white castle. Approximately 1,000 cherry trees are surrounded by the moat and you can ride Japanese traditional boat & to see collaboration of sakura and white beautiful castle. This year’s information is not yet released but the fee for last year was 1,000 yen for adult 500 yen for child.

Also next to Himeji castle, there is Japanese garden called Kokoen garden. You can see beautiful scenery for each season. This garden brings good feelings for us Japanese, so you may figure out how we feel when we see Japanese garden.


If you are interested in guide tour in Kyoto, Osaka, Nara area, please check link below!!

●Mount Shiude /Kagawa (Around 27th March)

Mount Shiude is best sakura viewing spots in Shikoku island. There are about 1,000 cherry trees on the mountain and it is one of the few places to see islands with beautiful cherry blossoms. If weather is good, you could see main island of Japan as well.

The collaboration of deep pink of sakura, blue sky & sea and islands sprawling across the Seto inland sea is breathtakingly superb!! Furthermore, the sunset accentuate the atmospheres of the view.


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There are a lots of great spots to see cherry blossom in Japan except spots listed above.

These amazing view has been seen only in Japan. Don’t miss it!!

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