Cherry Blossom (SAKURA) Spots in Japan from late April


Suppose that you just arrived here in Japan in the middle of April. You might feel like seeing the bloom of SAKURA. But you’d soon get depressed finding that there were no cherry blossoms around you. Then you could end up seeing just branches and fresh green leaves remained. “Oh well. It is what it is. I’ll try next time.” Can you give it up that easily?

Do you think the blossom open up simultaneously all over japan? No, no. The bloom starts from Okinawa in the end of January. Then it goes up to the north in stages and comes up around Tokyo in the end of March. After that, the front still keeps heading to north and finally ends in Hokkaido in May. That is you still have chances to enjoy SAKURA!

Below are some famous places for SAKURA from later April.


1. Tsurugajo Park(鶴ヶ城公園) Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima


Tsurugajo Park is located in Aizuwakamatsu, western part of Fukushima. Tsurugajo Castle is known as a place where the Byakkotai(White Tiger Force) fought against the Meiji government. You can enjoy SAKURA harmonized with the castle.


when to go: Mid April- End April

access: 25 min by bus form Aizuwakamatsu St.(JR Banetsu Nishi Line)


2.Saigyomodoshino-matsu Park(西行戻しの松公園) Matsushima, Miyagi



The park has a nice sight as well. It overlooks hundreds of islands on the Matsushima Gulf. Matsushima is counted as one of the most scenic spots in Japan. Besides it’s known as a place where Basho Matsuo, a famous haiku poet, visited. You may get inspired to write one.


when to go: Mid April- Big May

access: 5 min by taxi from Matsushima Kaigan St.(JR Senseki Line)


3.Kakunodate(角館) Akita



Kakunodate is notable with its soldiers used to live there and buildings have kind a taste like Kyoto. That’s why it’s still called as a “Small Kyoto in Tohoku.” SAKURA will make your visit great one.


when to go: Mid April- Big May

access: 20 min walk from Kakunodate St.(JR Akita Shinkansen)


4.Hirosaki Park(弘前公園) Hiriosaki, Aomori


There are about 2,000 SAKURA trees around Hirosaki Castle. The castle is still in the good condition from its original. How about trying a “Tsugaru Shamisen” after your visit?


when to go: Mid April- Big May

access: 15 min walk from Hirosaki St.(JR Ou Main Line)


5.Goryokaku Park(五稜郭公園) Hakodate, Hokkaido


Hokkaido Shinkansen is opening in the end of this March. This means you can go visit Hokkaido by train finally. Here was the final battle place of Boshin war against Meiji Government. It would be good to go visit Goryokaku Tower and look down to the park. You would be surprised at what you can see through the window.


when to go: Mid April- Mid May

access: 15 min walk from Hakodate St.(JR Hakodate Main Line)

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