Incredible Christmas Illumination spots in Tokyo & Yokohama

Christmas Illumination Roppingi Seasonal Events

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

In Tokyo the beautiful autumn foliage has made room for another pretty sight; Christmas Illuminations! The many Christmas lights shine bright again, bringing a feeling of happiness to many and clearly marking the start of festive december season.
Westerners typically celebrate the days with their family members, having a turkey for dinner and exchanging presents. However, Japanese people are likely to spend time with a loved one. As Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, Christmas its largely celebrated in the weeks before. Several Christmas markets and illumination spots pop up all around town. The popular places are romantically presented with astronomical numbers of colourful tiny lights balls. Couples hold hands and together walk around the beautifully decorated locations.

Let us introduce the lightest en the brightest Christmas Illumination spots in Tokyo and Yokohama!

Center of Tokyo


Each year, the international town of Tokyo, Roppongi Hills, is going all out on the Christmas decorations. The 400 meters of Keyakizaka Street has a reputation of Christmas lights decoration ever since it was established. You will see lights everywhere, in the trees, on the buildings and stunning lights field on its gardens. Also many shops have decorated their windows in style. In addition, don’t miss out on the ‘traditional’ Christmas, from seasonal Christmas goodies to delicious food and snacks from around the world. Surely there is something that will satisfy your appetite!

A detailled overview of all the Christmas locations 2019 can be found here Christmas in Roppingi Hills 2019.

Marunouchi & Tokyo Station

For years, Marunouchi has been one of the most famous areas for the Christmas Illuminations. The front area of JR Tokyo station building is completely covered by light projections and sparkly Christmas lights. Stroll down the glittering, shiny street lined with fancy boutiques and cafés, that make for great dinner date options.

Good news for those who cannot get enough of the sparkly lights; the champagne colour lights will stay up until mid February!

Marunouchi Illumination 2019


Odaiba, the man-made island on Tokyo Bay, is one of the best areas to enjoy the stunning city view of Tokyo, especially at night when the city is lit up in (Christmas) lights. Together with the many Christmas decorations at Oidaba, make it a popular dating spot during the winter illumination events. Odaiba islands, shows beautiful combination of the Christmas lights and the rainbow bridge cross over the islands and the central Tokyo.  Every Saturday between December 7 and 28, firework shows are scheduled at 7pm.

Odaiba Illumination “Yakei”


The international high brand shopping town celebrates the days with the decorated lines of trees alongside the main street. Crowded with people are looking for their Christmas presents makes this street look like a picture perfect Christmas miracle.

Suburb of central Tokyo

Many Japanese enjoy visiting colourful decorated parks during winter season. Their presentation is beyond the simple Christmas lights.

Yomiuri Land


Yomiuriland is the theme park in west of Tokyo. Their winter lights festival concept is jewellumination. The whole park will be lighted up with about 6 million lights balls, making it the illumination is the largest in the metropolitan area. The attractions such as a ferris wheel and a roller coaster are even covered with thousands of lights balls. The night view of Tokyo in the background will ensure an unforgettable night. Watch the light shows at the fountain and skate away at the ice skating rink.

Yomiuriland jewellumination
Admission fee ¥1.400 per adult

Showa Kinen Park

This national park main street has lines of gingko trees lit up with Christmas lights. Every year, in the weeks before Christmas turns into a picture perfect spot! Also, from 22nd until the 25th of December, fireworks will also colouring the night sky at 7pm every evening.

Winter Vista Illumination 2019
Admission fee ¥410 yen per adult


Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

Yokohama is the city of the residential area for westers in the past. The harbour side of Yokohama port still boosts the overseas atmosphere from the time. Particularly, the red brick warehouses are the historical heritage from the early 20th century.

Christmas marcket

This year the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse holds the holiday event “Christmas Market in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse” from November 22 till December 25 2019. The event this year is based upon the Christmas market in the German city Nuremberg.

Christmas Market in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
Admission free of charge.

Map of Christmas lights locations

Would like to see the gorgeous Christmas illumination at your accommodation? Recommended Hotels

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
The garden has lighting-up and decorated.
The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo
The front park of the building has gorgeous Christmas lights, Midtown Christmas 2017.
Hotel New Otani Tokyo the Main
The hotel garden has lighting-up.


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