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Sake Breweries Close To Tokyo That You Should Visit!

Sake is a traditional alcoholic drink in Japan with a long history. It is very famous in Japan and if you consider to visit Tokyo we created this guide to show you 10 sake breweries that you could visit!

Travelling to Okinawa Islands: Must Visit Places!

Okinawa is a Japanese prefecture comprising more than 150 islands. It's known for its tropical climate, white beaches and coral reefs, as well as World War II sites. In this article we will talk about 10 must visit places on the Okinawa islands!
Travel tips

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan At Least Once In Your Life

What is your reason to travel? Here are the reasons you should visit Japan once in your life.
Places to visit in Tokyo

Tsukiji, Ningyocho and Nihonbashi: The Heart Of Tokyo

On Saturday February 1st, Japan Wonder Travel organised a trial tour to Tsukiji Market and Ubukeya knife store. In this blog we will hear from one of the participants about her experiences.

Japan’s Three Sacred Mountains

Together with Mount Haku and Mount Tateyama, Mount Fuji composes the ‘Three Holy Mountains’. They are considered sacred places and believed to have special powers. In this article we will tell you more about these holy places.
Cultural Experiences

Pilgrimage in Tokyo: Visit The 10 Tokyo Jissha! [Shinto Shrines]

Tokyo Jissha refers to ten shrines in Tokyo metropolitan area. They belong to the 12 shrines that we were selected by the emperor after the Meiji restoration to bring about property and continued growth of the capital city. In this article we will introduce the 10 shrines!

How to Get To and From Narita Airport?

Narita International Airport is the main airport for international flights. In this article we will discuss the different options of getting to and from the airport.

How To Get To And From Haneda Airport?

Haneda Airport, also known as Tokyo International Airport, is the closest airport to Tokyo airport and the busiest airport of Japan. In this article we will discuss the different options of getting to and from the airport. Safe travels!
Food & Drinks in Tokyo

Complete Guide for The Michelin-Starred Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo

Did you know that the only ramen restaurants to receive a Michelin star, are all located in Tokyo? In this article, we introduce the 3 restaurants that have received this prestigious ranking! Even though it is Michelin starred ramen, the price is only about 1,000 yen! Let's go try some!
Places to visit in Kyoto

Wander in Kyoto: The Best Shrines and Temples to Visit

Kyoto is home to many Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. In this blog we will tell you about the ones that you should definitely visit!
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