Escape to Odaiba From Tokyo

Oidaiba statue of liberty Places to visit in Tokyo

Spend some time in Odaiba, and entertainment complex and shopping mall full of surprises. Cityscapes and statues of liberty, all are on this amazing little island in Tokyo Bay.

If you are in Tokyo for more than a few days then I strongly recommend checking out the entertainment complex that is the island of Odaiba. Be warned, if you are looking to get away from the busy, neon-ridden, shopping areas of Tokyo such as Shibuya, Akihabara or Harajuku, look elsewhere. Odaiba may resemble a lot of neighborhoods but it is unique in its own right, notably due to the multitude of things to do. This itinerary is one that I have enjoyed in the past, do not feel obligated to stick to it. The beauty of Odaiba is to explore its many attractions, and here are some of my favorites.

  • The best subway ride ever: As opposed to most rides you may take in Tokyo, the trip to Odaiba takes you on an outdoor journey in a train with a wide window in the place of a driver’s cockpit. Speeding through the capital, around a long spiral turn and over the water, this ride is the closest thing you can get to a roller coaster but with amazing city views.
  • Lady Liberty in Japan: On the boardwalk along the water you may feel a little confused to see a replica of the statue of liberty. Since the selfie started being a thing, numerous tourists and Japanese people alike have come to Odaiba solely to take a picture with the monument (usually to trick their friends into believing that they are in New York city).
  • A beach? In Tokyo?: Yes there is indeed a beach on Odaiba. I strongly advise you not to swim as the water in Tokyo Bay is quite cold and frankly I have doubts on its cleanliness. You can however enjoy a pleasant stroll along the seaside with stunning views of the city skyline both at day and night (try and spot Tokyo Tower and the Skytree).


  • Release your inner shopper: Turn to the first building you can find and enter, it is most definitely a shopping mall. These are some of the biggest malls I have ever been in, with hundreds of stores you are sure to find that special something you have always been looking for. For the less enthusiastic shoppers the complexes also include an aquarium, karaoke, cinema, arcade, sports center and water park. Explore!
  • Life-sized Gundam: Personally I have never been a Gundam fan. But it is hard to deny the sheer power of a life-sized Gundam model standing mighty in front of the food court. Be sure to visit at night time when the light show starts, if the robot did not blow your mind at first, the added illumination will do the trick.
  • Enjoy the area: For me, my trip to Odaiba ended by visiting the arcade and playing endless rounds of Mariokart with my friends, which gets very very intense. Other options are listed beforehand and most are located on the top floor of the mall, along with many fast food chains.

Once again, this is more a list of fun things to do than an actual itinerary. I took half a day for this island but if you are pumped then go for the full day!


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