Do you want to see Japanese traditional theater, Kabuki? [How to get a Kabuki Ticket]

Kabukiza Theatre Things to do in Japan

Kabuki is the Japan’s unique stage drama and one of the traditional arts. It is registered to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Kabuki is characterized by its unique costumes, make-up, various acting, elaborate stage techniques and performed by men only.
These charms attracted people among people not in domestic but also outside of Japan.
When you visit Japan, we would you like to enjoy seeing Kabuki and visit Kabukiza Theater.

Today we will introduce how to get a Kabuki ticket.
Each month different programs and plays will be presented at the Kabukiza Theater.

A: What kind of drama does Kabuki have?

There are mainly two kinds, one is Jidai-mono which is well-known stories about Samurai family.
The popular story is “Kanadehon Chushingura” It is about the loyalty and revenge. You can learn how much the relation between master and his servant was strong during the Warring States Period.

The other is “Sewa-mono” which is the story of merchant class’s everyday life. The story named “Yohanasake Ukinanoyokogushi” is popular. A man and a woman fell in love, but she was a lover of the Japanese Mafia. He was caught cheating on a lover of the Mafia. She run away. He got serious injury but he was alive. Three years later, they met again, and…What happen next?

B: What Time does Kabuki performance start?

There are 3 shows in a day (sometimes there are two, it depends on the month). Each show includes one or two stories. One story is about 60-90 min.

・First show 11:00am
・Second show 14:15pm
・Third show 18:30pm

C: What kind of tickets does a Kabuki theatre show have?

Reserved ticket: Tickets for each show. We recommend this for the advanced Kabuki watcher who has knowledge about this traditional performing arts.
Kabukiza theatre seats map

Box Seat (Sajiki seat) 17,000-20,000yen Located on the 1st floor, on both ends of the east and the west sides. The table and chair seat allows you to eat Bento lunch box while watching Kabuki.
First Class 15,000-18,000yen Located on the 1st floor. The best place to see the performance as it is the center of the floor.
You would feel actors very close because they come to the runway penetrating the floor.
Second Class 15,000-18,000yen Located on the 2nd floor. This seat gives audience a whole view of the stage. When the emperor comes to Kabuki watching, the front line of this class seat is reserved for him.
Upper Tier A 11,000-14,000yen Located on the 3rd floor. The price is relatively reasonable but you would better have an opera glasses.
Upper Tier B 5,000-6,000yen Located on the 3rd floor. The price is relatively reasonable but you would better have an opera glasses.

*Seats in Kabukiza theatre are all chairs.
*Tax included.
*The ticket price change depends on the drama, the actors.

Non reserved ticket: If you want to watch Kabuki without a reservation, there is a non-reserved ticket called “single act seats” which are reasonable price between 1,000 yen and 2,000 yen.This ticket is recommended to Kabuki beginners as it allows to watch one story of each show. The ticket is only sold on a day of the performance. Then, there are two notes. First, you have to line up for getting a ticket. Second, the ticket may be quickly sold out.

D: Ticketing

For reserved ticket
1: Via Website: Ticket Web Shochiku
2: Via Telephone: Ticket phone Shochiku Tel: 03-6745-0888
3: Ask your hotel concierge

For non reserved ticket (Makumi)
You have to line up at the Single Act Box Office, located on the left side of the main entrance on the ground level of the Kabukiza Theater. The tickets usually start to be sold an hour or more before the play. You should probably be there at least one hour and a half before the curtain time. You can check when the ticket is sold on the web site the web site in advance.

A staff tried to get a Makumi ticket. She went there two hours before the curtain time, but she couldn’t get it. Because it was on Saturday and the new program had just started.

There are 90 chair seats and 60 standing places. When you buy a ticket, you will get a numbered ticket. Please come to the entrance a half hour before the curtain time. A staff will call from a small number and allow the person to enter the hall. If you are late, your number is skipped and have to wait at the end of the line. The seats are ‘first come, first serve’.

Also, there are some notes for getting Makumi ticket.

1. One ticket is available per person. All your group members should line up together.
2. Cash Only. Not refundable.
3. Makumi Seats are located at 4th floor the farthest from the stage.
4. Children under 6 years old are not permitted to watch the performance at Makumi seats.

E: The places you can watch Kabuki except Kabukiza theater

Name Website
Shinbashi Enbujo Theater (Tokyo)
Minamiza Theater (Kyoto)
Osaka Shochikuza Theater (Osaka)

Kabuki is one of the greatest traditional Japanese culture.
We recommend you to watch Kabuki and touch this unique culture during your trip in Tokyo!


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    Do they have single performance tickets for all performances? What time would I normally have to get to the theater in order to buy one? In order to ensure that I see some Kabuki, would you suggest that it is necessary to buy a full ticket? or is it still possible to buy a single ticket? also, how do I buy a ticket for the Osaka performance?

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