How to Get to Miho Museum from Kyoto

ContentsAbout Miho Museum How to Get There from Kyoto?1. By Public Transportation2. By Taxi3. By CarAccommodation near Miho museum Have you heard of “Miho Museum” before?Recently it is one of the most popular museums for the tourists all over the world. But why is it popular? Let us explain the attraction of Miho Museum in this article. Also it is easily accessible from Kyoto so we will tell you how to get there from Kyoto! About Miho Museum The Miho Museum opened in November 1997 amid the abundant natural beauty of the mountains of Shigaraki, Shiga prefecture. The collection started by the founder, Mihoko Koyama (1910 – 2003) and it … Continue reading How to Get to Miho Museum from Kyoto