14 Best Animal Cafes in Kyoto and Osaka (2019)

What image do you have of Kyoto?

It might be easy to come up with the image of historical sites and Japanese traditional cultures but do you know Kyoto has unique mordern culture as well as Tokyo? 

In this article, we would like to share the list of the best Animal Cafes in Kyoto and Osaka as well as some of the concept cafes. These are perfect places to visit during your trip in Kyoto or Osaka if you are looking for unique and fun experiences!

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– Best Animal Cafes in Kyoto and Osaka

 【 Cat cafe 】

Before looking into the list, check out the website of “TIME”. You will get the idea of what is “Cat Cafe” if you don’t already know.

-Recommend stores-

①Cat Apartment Coffee (Kyoto)

This is the place where you can meet all the “idol cats” on SNS. It was renovated from the old house which was built over 100 years ago and you can spend quiet time in the traditional Japanese style house.

There are some restrictions for the cat cafe, for example, you would not be able to touch cats until they come close to you.

So follow the rule and enjoy the relaxing time with adorable cats!

【Price】1,200 yen / 1 hour
【Google map】https://goo.gl/maps/HGHZcDroBiE2xjbz6

② Neko cafe Time (Kyoto)

All the cats they have used to be stray cats but everyone looks happy now to be there! Their lovely faces will greet you at this cat cafe. You can also give them a little treats or play with their favorite toys.

【Price】1,300 yen / 1 hour
【Google map】https://goo.gl/maps/H7XD7q4qth92

③ Cat cafe MOCHA (Kyoto)

This is very stylish and modern style cat cafe. A big window makes the space bright and fun!

You can meet all the unique cats and kittens. The most popular time is lunch/dinner time and to see those adorable cats line up for foods will make your heart melt!

【Price】1,200 yen / 1 hour
【Google map】https://goo.gl/maps/KXQstBJ6gL42

④ Neko no Jikan -Kita Honten (Osaka)

It opened in 2004 and this is the first cat cafe ever in Japan!

Tatami, Japanese style floor mats, will invite you to the nostalgic atmosphere.  It is one of a few cat cafes where you can fully experience the Japanese style room.

Also, after you played a lot with cats and want to get a little break, you can enjoy some drinks in the other room.

Around 20 cats will be waiting for you to play!

【Website】http://www.nekonojikan.com/ *Japanese
【Price】1,100 yen / 1 hour
【Google map】https://goo.gl/maps/8AoJTQ9okRH2

【 Hedgehog Cafe 】

⑤ Tom’s Mr.Hedgie (Kyoto)

Hedgehog is getting popular in not only Japan but all over the world today. And there are some cafes where you can pet and play with them!

They also sell hedgehogs there so staffs are very knowledgeable. Let’s ask about hedgehog and learn about them more!

【Price】1,400 yen ~ / 40 min
【Google map】https://goo.gl/maps/H7XD7q4qth92

⑥ Cafe de Hari (Osaka)

You can meet hedgehogs, chinchillas and even goats!?

It is like a small zoo but you can give them some foods and also there is an experience where you can help hedgehogs take a bath!

【Price】1,500 yen ~ / 1 hour
【Google map】https://goo.gl/maps/5a3TxFD6adu

【 Owl Cafe 】

⑦ Owl Forest (Kyoto)

Once you paid the entrance fee, time is unlimited so you can enjoy the unique atmosphere as much as you want!

Inside of the cafe, it looks like a forest and you can pet the owls. They like getting stroked on their heads and when you see them closing their eyes while you pet them… You can’t leave there.

【Website】Kyoto Kawaramachi / Arashiyama
【Price】680 yen ~ / Entrance Fee
【Google map】Kyoto KawaramachiArashiyama

【 Otter Cafe 】

⑧Loutre (Kyoto)

Yes, they have it. They have an otter cafe in Japan!

It is not common to have otter as a pet but it is getting popular now. Staffs at the cafe brought up these otters so they are very friendly and curious to people.

You will love their energetic move and cute looking!

【Price】2,000 yen /1 hour
【Google map】https://goo.gl/maps/3QmJvcHz8CSoxPKa7

【 Dog Cafe 】

⑨ Dog Tail (Osaka)

You can play with some small dogs like Toy Poodle,Chihuahua and Dachshund etc.

It is the absolute relaxing place and if you want to take a break from the trip or miss your dogs at home, let’s go meet with cute friendly dogs there!

【Website】http://dog-tail.jp/ *Only Japanese website
【Price】1,280 yen ~ / 50 min + 1 drink
【Google map】https://goo.gl/maps/3MqeKvA2sWy

⑩ Hogoken Cafe (= Saved dog cafe) (Osaka)

All the dogs there are saved from the shelter and looking for a new family.

Visitors also can adopt dogs or cats and they give a great opportunity to find a new owner. Also snacks you can give them at the cafe will be donated to the activities to save more stray dogs or cats.

If you are interested in not only cute cafes but would like to contribute to save them, we recommend to visit there!

【Website】https://www.hogokencafe.com/ *Only Japanese website
【Price】500 yen~
【Google map】https://goo.gl/maps/2dnFEVi13Pz

【 Rabbit Cafe 】

⑪ Usayu (Osaka)

The theme of the cafe is relaxation and the comfortable atmosphere will help you lay back and relax from the busy days.

The secret of making it popular is that staffs did all the work to build the cafe space to make the best environment for rabbits here.

【Price】1,300 yen ~ / 60 min
【Google map】https://goo.gl/maps/1EJmBQmhTvM2

⑫ Small Animal cafe Rock Star (Osaka)

Do you prefer small animals? There are rabbits but they also have unique animals like ferrets, flying squirrels and chinchilla.

If you have no idea what to do with small animals, don’t worry. Friendly staffs will teach you how!

【Website】http://smallanimal.rock-star.xyz/ *Only Japanese website
【Price】1,000 yen ~ /Entrance fee for the first visitor. And you need to order 1 drink.
【Google map】https://goo.gl/maps/kpumHWuXQC82

【 Snake Cafe 】

⑬ Americamura Snake Café (Osaka)

There are varieties of snakes here at cafe and you will also be able to see some rare kinds and put them around your neck!

Their food menu is also unique, you can taste some scorpions or insects if you are brave.

Let’s get some unforgettable experience at this snake cafe!

【Website】http://americamura.snakecafe.xyz/ *Only Japanese website
【Price】1,000 yen ~ /Entrance fee for the first visitor. And you need to order 1 drink.
【Google map】https://goo.gl/maps/tjnr3SGJ5cQ2

⑭ Reptiles Café Rock Star (Osaka)

If you are a big fan of reptiles, this cafe is a must-go.

There are not so many reptiles cafe in Japan so don’t miss the chance! Find your favorite and pet them to your heart content.

【Website】http://www.rock-star.xyz/ *Only Japanese website
【Price】1,000 yen ~ /Entrance fee for the first visitor. And you need to order 1 drink.
【Google map】https://goo.gl/maps/JtgsU8QDbHM2
【Note】There is not only snakes but also any other reptiles.

+ Other Concept Cafes

 【 Maid cafe 】

Have you heard of Maid Cafe?

The concept is basically you are the master and your maid will welcome you home. They serve you foods with a little bit magic and will entertain you through your stay.

If you like anime or you are interested in unique pop culture in Japan, you should visit there at least once!

CCO Cha (Osaka)

【Price】No entrance fee / You need to order more than 1 drinks.
【Google map】https://goo.gl/maps/9yMsuEfBTdR2

⑯ Maidreamin (Osaka)

【Price】500 yen + 1 order
【Google map】Ota road store / Namba store

 【 Prison cafe 】

This interesting themed cafe will surprise you in many ways.

Enjoy movie like atmosphere and get ready to creep out!

⑰ Prison Restaurant The lock-up Umeda (Osaka)

【Website】http://www.lock-up.jp/shop/10041 *Only Japanese website
【Price】No entrance fee
【Google map】https://goo.gl/maps/9yMsuEfBTdR2

What did you think about these unique animal cafes in Kyoto and Osaka? Do you have this kind of cafes in your hometown? We hope you’ll enjoy the strange and weird culture of Japan!
Although we have introduced these cafes, we need to let you know some cautions.

While we were searching some cafes in Japan, we found some negative reviews about animal cafes.
In fact, there are pros and cons. So if you are interested in this kind of cafes, you can visit there with your free mind.

Have fun in Kyoto and Osaka!

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