Lots of guests joined Kyoto FooDrink Tour in October! #001

In first half of October we had a lot of guests.
The weather is becoming colder in Kyoto.
We walked around Nishiki market and Gion area. Or Arashiyama and Sagano area.
Both tour was so fantastic because of you!!!

In Japan, we say Fall is the best season for sports.
Apparently, we started saying this in the Fall of 1964 when the Tokyo Olympics were organized.
In addition, October 10th was named Sports Day.

10/1 Secret Gion area

Making bean powder

10/3 Nishiki Tenmangu shrine

Rainy Pontocho street

10/03 Quiet Gion area

Sweets shop with all

10/5 At world heritage site

Arashiyama bamboo forest

10/8 Snack shop in Nishiki market

Good photo spot

10/10 At special rice shop

With local guide

10/11 Red autumn mountain

Arashiyama Bomboo forest

10/13 Nishiki shrine for smart

Good secret bridge

10/14 Like a local staff

With Yukata girls

10/17 Old Sake shop in Nishiki

With our staff

Thank you very much for joining our tour!
We have four seasons.
We wish you all the best and hope to see you again on another season in Kyoto!

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