Lots of guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in August #003

Late August, end of  Japanese summer, We had wonderful guests from all over the world. There were many guests who enjoyed exploring Tsukiji market, and making Sushi. Making Sushi sounds like a bit difficult, but lots of guests enjoyed, and did very well.  We hope these tours became one of the best memories from your summer vacation this year !

8/22 At the inner market

Sake "Kanpai"

8/22 Inner market

With big fish!

8/22 Tsukiji + Sushi tour

Good job!!

8/23 Outer market

With Sushi chef

8/23 Japanese omelet

Super fresh oyster!

8/23 Inner market

"Kanpa〜i" with Sake

8/25 At the roof top

Nice sushi restaurant

8/26 With frozen tuna

Tasting fish paste cake

8/27 Savory omelet

At the inner market

8/29 Tasting green tea

Sushi making lesson

8/29 Japanese omelet

Do you like Sake?

8/29 Nice family !

With blow-fish

8/29 Namiyoke Shrine

Tsukiji roof top

8/29 Yummy !

At the sushi restaurant

8/29 Tuna shop

At the inner market

Thank you for joining our tour !  Please come back and visit Tokyo again!

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