Lots of guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in January #002

In January, we had many wonderful guests.
Thank you for your joining our tour.

[Tsukiji tips]
Why Tsukiji fish market is so special?
In Tokyo, there are eleven markets. But the best things are gathered from all over the world to Tsukiji market. It’s dealt not only fish, but also vegetable and fruits. The best things has best quality and price as well.
Let’s see the special food in Japan!!

1/12 Guests form China & US

Fish cake & Roof top

Guests form Malaysia

Japanese omelet & Coffee

1/15 Guests from US

Sake & Turret track

1/18 Guest from US

Oyster & Sushi

Guest from US

Fish cake & Japanese knife

1/19 Guests from US

Sushi & Sake

Guests from Canada

Inner market & Oyster

Guests from US

Japanese tea & Sushi

1/20 Guest from US

Inner market & Shrine

We are really glad that we could walk with you in the food tour.
What food is the best for you?

If you are interested in, please join us!

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