Lots of guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in January #003

In January, we had many wonderful guests.
Thank you for joining our tour.
How was the tour? Did you have a fun? Let’s look back it with your lovely pictures!

[Tsukiji tips]
In such a cold day, how about trying Sake?
It get you warm as well as it tastes marvelous.
And hot Sake warms you up more!!
Let’s have a small drink in our tour!!

1/21 Guests from Canada & Australia & Bergium

Oyster& Rooftop

1/22 Guests from US

Sake & Sea urchin

1/23 Guests from Australia

Sake & Japanese omelet

1/25 Guests from Aussie

Sake & Flying fish

Guests from US

Sushi & Eel

1/28 Guests from Italy and US

Inner market & Rooftop

1/29 Guests from Germany

Oyster & Sake

1/30 Guests from Aussie & US

Fish cake & Sake

They say it’s the coldest period in a whole year in Japan.
Nevertheless, lots of guests joined our tour.
Thank you very much!!

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